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i am currently enrolling to begin N+ and the on to the CCNA, i was working on an Assoc. in networking, first quarter done, but left to puruse certifications b/c they will teach me what i want to learn at a much cheaper price and shorter time frame, on the job front, i have been in research for 9 years and have no formal IT experience, when i finish with the CCNA what kind of job prospects could i be looking at and at what salaries? i may have an "in" at a company working in their' NOC, but what if that isn't available? i already make low help desk pay, 15/hr, i need to make more, well at least that's my goal, any advice on cert's after CCNA? CCNP? and is CCIE seems to be the ultimate goal, but seems extremely difficult, i am new to IT but really enjoy what i have learned so far, thanks for any help

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Certifications are a great way to show what you know, however without a few years of experience you won’t be able to move out of the entry level position. As you are already working in help desk, that is an excellent first step. From help desk moving into a NOC position is a good next move. You won’t be able to move into a junior network admin position without a few years experience.

If the option to move into the NOC at the other company doesn’t work out, talk with your IT manager at your current company. Tell him that you are interested in moving into a network admin role, and ask him what it would take to make that happen. He’ll probably give you some decent advise. Maybe you can get yourself an internship with your current companies IT department where they can time share you with the help desk so that you can learn more about the networking side of things.

Most companies want a couple of years experience before they are willing to hire someone on into a sysadmin or net-admin position.

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  • Wrobinson
    You need to figure out what your interests are and focus on developing in those areas. This will help you determine what, if any certifications to pursue. In the meantime, experience is key. Look for new challenges and experiences -- be it with your present company or elsewhere. There is no real track per se of how to get from point A to point B. Your next step from the help desk does not have to be a NOC. You can move on to LAN administration (different from network administration) and client side support, system administration and so on; however, don't expect to go from working on the help desk to a mid-level or senior anything, despite which path you choose. Try not to focus on money at the moment because it can cloud your vision. Make sure that you are doing something that you enjoy and have passion about and the money will follow.
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  • Sixball
    Cant stress this enough: get BOTH education AND certifications. The more you have, the better off you will be. Throw in experience and you're now extremely valuable...
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