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AS/400 jobs

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What system are you on?
What information do you want to find out?
If you are on an AS400, and you have the job name, you can search QHST to get the start and stop time. Use DSPLOG WHST
If you looking for the joblog, use DSPJOB. The joblog may no longer exists if if completed normally. If there was printed output and it has been printed and not setup as *SAV, it will also be gone.
If you do journaling, you could look at the journals to find what thingk changed.

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  • Rajasekhar15
    if i use job number/job name/wrkstation, it says log cannot b displayed
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  • Rajasekhar15
    ya of course charlie , we can take information fromDSPJOBLOG, or frm DSPJOB, but when we are trying to find the hstry of a job, using job number/job name/wrkstation, if the user belong to that mentioned parameters is logoff, then i'm not able to show the information, it says LOG INFORMATION CANNOT BE DISPLAYED,plz help me
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  • CharlieBrowne
    If you do WRKJOB job number/job name/wrkstation if the job is active you will get a screen to let you look at the characteristics of the job. If the job has ended, you will only get something if there are spool files remaining on the system. If you do DSPLOG QHST JOB(job number/job name/wrkstation) you can set start and end time. With this you must remember to put in the correct starting date for the search. * What exactly are you tring to determine?
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  • TomLiotta
    When you use DSPJOBLOG or when you use option 10 of the DSPJOB menu, you must do it for a job that is still active (or one that has a 'pending' joblog). You can't use those against jobs that have ended. You can only see activity of an ended job if that spooled its joblog. If the joblog wasn't spooled by the job, then it's gone when the job ends. The job description can determine if the joblog is spooled or not. The LOG() attribute of the job description sets the criteria for spooling the joblog. Tom
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