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When i compiled the java program in the cmd prompt it says javac file not found.usage javac <options> <source files>...As a friend whu said me in this forum to chek whether i set the rite path,i tried it again but i get the same result.... when i open my command prompt i type in these below.. C:Usersrinsa> C: C:Usersrinsa> set path=C:jdk1.6.0_02bin; C:>javac javac:file not found: Usage:javac<options><source files> could you please chek the mistake....i also tried copying the jdk folder in the C drive in my college lab....but then the same thing happens and it doesnot work....when i copied it into the D drive it works properly... At the moment i tried it in my hp laptop and i have a C drive and D drive i.e the hp recovery drive...i dont have any other files in it...wot could be the problem?

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The problem seems to be that the file “” does not exist in the root directory of your C drive.

Try this:

– copy the file “” to your root directory in drive C
– open a command prompt window
– type: C: <enter>
– type: cd\ <enter>
– type: javac <enter>

and tell us the result.

Good luck !

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  • Rubha
    having poblem with following code... class Employee { int empno; String name; String edesig; Employee() { empno=0; } Employee(int eno,String ename,String ed) { empno=eno; name=ename; edesig=ed; } public void disp() { System.out.println("The empno is:"+empno); System.out.println("The name is:"+name); System.out.println("The desig is:"+edesig); } } class salary extends Employee { double basic; salary(int eno,String ename,String ed,double bas) { super(eno,ename,ed); basic=bas; } public void calculate() { double sal,netsal; double da,hra,pf; da=basic*0.10f; hra=basic*0.15f; pf=basic*0.08f; sal=basic+da+hra; netsal=sal-pf; super.disp(); System.out.println("The net salary is:"+netsal); } } class x { public static void main(String args[]) { salary s1=new salary(123,"rty","ert",1300.00); s1.calculate(); } } the following code only executes function display() dosent got to calculate()
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