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I am 30 years old and working as a Service Desk L2(Desktop) in CSC. I like to get into IT Security or Network Security. But I am not completely aware of that. So can any one help me in choosing my Security career path. I like to have the certifications list in order to become a Security professional.

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Ok, here is the answer that I just gave someone. It is the answer that I usually give to everyone that ask this question and so far, a few have taken me up on the suggestion. SO I hope it works for you.

Well, the first thing you are going to need is experience. You will not be able to walk into an environment with a degree, no certifications, and expect to be hired. You should look into getting at least, the minimum in certs, A+, Security+, and either Server+ or an operating system cert like Windows 7 or Server 2008 R2. This way, you will have some type of technology background.

Now, you may want to get a job as a system administrator for a couple of years and get your hands dirty per say and then from there move into the security field.

Or, you might try the NSA. They are looking for candidates for mentorship in the Information Assurance, if you have a clean background, you should be able to qualify. The mentorship goes for three years, they teach you what they want they way they want it taught, after that, you get your first posting. But since you do not mention a degree, then you will need to concentrate on the certifications, anything that deals in security. Most community colleges have an AAS in Information Assurance, if you can get that, then it might be a bit easier for you to get your foot in the door.

Good luck in your future, I hope that this helps.

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  • James Murray
    I agree, if you want to make it in IT you need experience in as many areas as you can get. I don't know if the certifications are as important as the experience. I found that working each year on another major enterprise project was excellent experience. Banks are great places to get some background. Yet the security around a hosptital is completely different. I think HarrisSheldon is right though the best security is working with the government security groups. In addition I would look at the ITIL certifications also. There is a lot of best practices around these certifications that will help in studying any aspect of the network from software development to IT support. I've been on several college boards where they are where trying to determine the viability of a security degree. Most of the comments from the companies on the board agreed that they would prefer to take an IT proffessional with across the board experience and train them into the position.
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  • jinteik
    with certification + experience you wont go wrong... if you want to do network, you can start with CCNA till as high as you want and you can even do CISSP after a while..
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