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There is a lot of talk going on about whether or not IT should be considered a profession or discipline. Come on ITKE, tell us your thoughts. Is IT a profession or discipline?

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I would say that IT is a profession, while being a DBA {(in my case) would be my discipline.


I my opinion IT is a discipline. To get professional status there are some requirements to fulfill. Till date IT did not fulfill the requirement.
Requirements are:
1) There should be a Legal body who is providing formal training,
2) There should be an examination after completion of the training,
3) Membership should be provided after completion of examination &
4) Legal body should look for the delevolpment of their members.

IT is a disciplined profession

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  • Xanader
    Methinks work, skill, trade, profession, discipline are all interchangeable depending on the context. For example a Physics scientist (profession) doing work in topographical math functions (discipline) has been doing programming for 10 years. He'll balk if you call him an IT pro. A recent graduate on his first job is doing vba scripting for 6 months. Is he an IT professional? At what point does a skill become a trade or a profession? I'm not really answering anything here. I guess I just think the question is moot without context.
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  • JohnBF
    Raw definition of a professional is some who is paid, but for me you become a "professional" with experience and/or qualifications which give you status within the profession. Lowest levels "microsoft certified professional" or CISCO professional rising up to BCS or IAP qualifications or equivalents.
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  • Walter47
    It's, to me, a profession. As in a MD. Their profession is Doctor of Medicine, while their dicipline is Surgeon, Neurologist, ...... Jack
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  • Wrobinson
    Hi and thanks for taking the time to respond. You all make good and interesting points. The answer, if you will, according to strict standards, IT is not a profession but a discipline for the reasons stated by Debadas. In addition to the items already listed, there must be some code of ethics that the members of the profession adhere to as is the case in the fields of medicine and law for example. The "legal body" that debadas mentions would also be responsible for dealing with violation of its bylaws, ethics and practices such as suspension and revokation of license to practice and so on. Though IT is not considered a profession, that is not to ssy that people working in the industry are not themselves professionals.
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