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IT Knowledge Exchange User Interface Hi Folks this is a question based mainly at the "IT Knowledge Exchange" tekkies themselves. Although others' ideas could be helpful for new features ! Is there any chance that U could intigrate a "Preview / As-Is" paine below the Text entry box please ? I also submit details & entries on Give Away Of The Day's web site & they have a brilliant "Real-Time" preview area - so U can see if things are OK or not. Not only would this be valuable for seeing Bold / Italic mistakes etc BUT I've noticed on numerous occasions where I or other users have entered a web or e-mail address & it looked ok on the text box BUT as soon as it was submitted - it turned into garbage - being replicated & surrounded in code. & maybe even a spellchecker - OH how I could use one of those :o) PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THIS AS A CRITICISM - IT'S NOT - I personally believe this is an EXCELLENT FORUM system - I'd simply like to see a great resource made even better - that's all !!! It could be that what I'm requesting just isn't possible on Ur system BUT - as I always say - If U don't ask - U won't know !!! I know that most users don't use the advanced text features but many of us do & the web / e-mail problem affects those using Plain Text just as much as those of us using Rich Text etc. Also - do U have an Html code for linking a shortcut from MY website to "IT Knowledge Exchange" - ie a large colour Icon / .gif image with whatever active code you chose to include etc. Thanks Cheers for now Guys & Gals Mike @ Macs-PC .Co .UK

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Thanks. We'll let you know when a new response is added.

Thanks for the feedback. We wont take it personal 🙂

as far as your suggestions. We are planning on implementing a preview page when some is asking a question that well allow the to edit their question and have a spell checker. With the answer section you can always edit your answer if needed. This will be completed once we roll out some improved search functionality in the next 2 weeks.

As far as a logo or gif we will create one and post it in the site for users. That seems simple enough

Keep the feedback coming

sbrooks at

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  • MacsPC
    Awesome - I'm looking forward to Ur tweaks & fixes. How bizzare is it that I asked U just a week or so before U'r doing something similar anyway :o) Also . . . I'm pleased U took the idea request in the way it was intended. I'm only new of a couple of weeks to Ur site BUT I'm seriously impressed with it !!! I love the fact that I'm able to offer assistance to someone on the other side of the world or for that matter get assistance as I have already !! !! !! I also like the fact that UNLIKE the "Giveaway Of The Day" website - U dont have a trailer full of idiots who are determined to be constantly negative. Telling the rest of us why they DON't want the software etc or why our advice is not up to their standards - without actually reading all of what we ACTUALLY SAID !?!?! Ur website appears to be the exact opposite. Everyone is happy to join in on discussions & talk sensibly about issues that are of interest. I can't fault it :o) And as if that's not enough . . . I'm looking forward to getting my FREE T-Shirt as well . . . RESULT !!!! :o) So to the tekkies behind the site & to the users like Technochic who has been involved in WAY to many discussions to be healthy - DOES SHE EVER SLEEP ???? Thanks to U all & I hope I'll be using this site for a long time to come :o) Cheers All & Take Care - M!ke - ( M@CS-PC ) Mike @ Macs-PC .Co .UK
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  • Technochic
    Answer to your question MacsPC, of COURSE I sleep! :-) But as I am working through out the day I check here often for new questions. It doesn't disrupt my work since I take off-time opportunities and check first thing in the morning and during my breaks and lunch hour for new topics and discussions going on. I rarely visit the site when I go home, yes I DO have a life! :-) This site has been of immeasurable help to me in finding resolutions to things I encounter and for helping me learn about new things to which I am becoming involved over time. What I appreciate most about this site is the level of knowledge and expertise found here and the fact that everyone is kind and polite. I never see someone slamming someone else or ridiculing. I see polite corrections or updates but everyone is professional and well-spoken. Keep up the great work!
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  • MacsPC
    Hi Technochic Obviously I was only messin' about U - In actual fact - the truth is - I'd consider U to be a perfect Roll-Model for Newbies like me !!! I was looking thru some of the links U have been involved in & U know a fair amount Urself !!! I have to admit - I've never been a major fan of Outlook - I only use it myself to Sync my Mobiles thru MS ActiveSync. Other than that - I use Incredimail. Outlook - like Word - are way to powerful for my needs BUT I have found them useful - When I was working at my OLD job 2 years ago - I fount some of the features in Outlook to be quite smart - including the Auto-Archive feature etc. BUT . . . NOT ALL Office is wasted on me - I LOVE using EXCEL - primarily for really basic stuff BUT I use it non the less ! IF I MANAGE TO EARN A QUATER OF Ur POINTS - I'll consider myself very lucky :o) I agree totally with Ur assesment on the users here & Like U I want to help others if I can ! This is the PERFECT SITE for that - I just wish they could run a similar friendly system at "Give Away Of The Day" - Take a look at any GAOTD page of comments & I'm pretty sure U'll see what I mean ! Some of the stuff people come out with defies belief !!! It's like they ENJOY BEING NEGATIVE. & MISERABLE !??! The following comments were from 3 days ago - GAOTD WebSite were giving away a Screen Calibration System - FOR FREE "I dont think it is useful to use i dont see any advantages in it my rating 4/10 plus it never did any thing to my moniter it did not improve it or destroyit" (got -56 points) "Dont need this. I use my 52 inch flat screen HD tv as my monitor." (got -149 points) "I am not paying 40 dollars for something my video card already comes with!" (got -102 points) Bearing in mind that everyone starts with 0 points at the beginning of every day ( they're not accumulated as they are here ! ) to get Minus 2 points is not great BUT Minus 149 tells U exactly what I'm talking about. Sadly the guys at the GAOTD WebSite CAN'T WIN . . . They're GIVING AWAY SOFTWARE & yet they still get moaned at - HOW FAIR IS THAT ??? IF I was one of the Moderators - I'd remove all pointlessly negative complaints & it would end up being more like THIS site !!! Have U ever tried GAOTD ? They share some decent stuff for FREE !!! :o) IF U haven't been - I recommend U check it out DAILY - the stuff they share IS NOT SHAREWARE OR FREEWARE - the titles values tend to be worth between $20 & $100 so U may well find something of value to U :o) I'm going to have a link to it on my NEW WebSite as well as one to THIS SITE. My existing site already has a few links to FREE STUFF BUT I'm looking to BUILD on it !!! IF the tekkies on THIS SITE want me to include any other related sites etc. PLEASE LET ME KNOW - whatever I can get to fill the pages will be great :o) If U can also let me have a Jpeg OR Gif - that would be useful - otherwise I can make a small copy of any logo pic on the site's Home Page ! www .giveawayoftheday .com I'll speak to U lata m8 Take Care - M!ke - (M@CS-PC)
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