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im 20yrs old and im considering studying IT. im not realy sure what exactly it is that i wanna do in this field. all i know is d@ i want a very creative and good paying job that involves computers.i was advised by a friend to do developing, programming or web writing (im not even sure what all that entails) Could someone plz assist me with some advise...? thanx

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There are a lot of areas to consider in IT. There are a lot of other folks asking the same question on this board. Try using the search on this site for careers and learning new skills. Then, if you have additional questions, come back and ask those and we will be glad to assist.

It is hard to advise when you don’t know what you want. What do you do for hobbies? You should find a job in an area that interests you the most and something that you love. Don’t get into computers just because you want a lot of money. You will get burned out quickly and drop out only to lose those years that you could have used pursuing something that you love. I heard it best when someone said being in IT is like being a doctor, but when the computer dies you can’t walk away. Everyone will still be looking over your shoulder waiting for you to get it back running. It is 24 hours a day 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Most of the time it will be thankless too. If everything is great then no one cares but if somethi

Agree with the above answer – this is not an easy field nor is it for everyone. Right now I guess I would suggest Windows Security or becoming a specialist in the SANS area. Virtual Machines are hot now so learing all you can there and then mastering the SANS world should work.

But again, finding something that you find interesting will be the only way that you stick with that field, and the only way that you excel in that field. There are lots of people out there that have jobs that they hate. Because of this they never move forward in their careers because they come in, do the work, then go home. IT isn’t a job, it’s very much a lifestyle, especially if you want to get into the senior level roles. It’s a lot easier to live the IT lifestyle is you truly enjoy what you do. If you don’t enjoy it you’ll want to quit quickly.

The big money job won’t come quickly. It will take time to get to the point of being the top money guy in the area, but it can happen. I’ve been working in IT for about 11-12 years now. A good portion of that time was spend in lower end positions making far less than I wanted to. In other words stick with it.

IT positions aren’t about what you’ve studied in school. It’s all about the OJT (On the Job Training). Look around for some entry level IT positions (help desk, tech support, etc) and see what sort of openings they have. Many want experience, but some don’t require it. You can also look into volunteering at your local school district, church, etc. They are usually looking for free/low paying help and that will help you get your foot in the door. Once you have an IT position you can see what the options out there really are and you’ll be able to make a much more informed decision on what you want to do.

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