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if i give sp_helprotect on one table. it shows the list of access few tables permissions including given table. can i know why it is happens

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If you are passing the procedure a table name it should give you back a single row for each user and each right granted to the table. Can you post the code that you are running?

We are having the same problem, and the reason is that we’ve removed select permission on one column in a table. This statement in sp_helprotect then gives all the fields (except the one we removed permissions for) in the output for both stored procedures, and for tables.

— Propagate object-level SL/UP/RF permission to columns as appropriate
insert #t1_Prots (


select c.object_id
,o.type collate database_default
,p.type collate database_default
,p.state collate database_default
from sys.columns c join sys.database_permissions p on p.class = 1 and p.major_id = c.object_id and p.minor_id = 0 and p.type in (‘RF’,’SL’,’UP’)
join sys.all_objects o on o.object_id = c.object_id
where not exists
(select * from sys.database_permissions m
where m.class = 1 and m.major_id = p.major_id and m.minor_id = c.column_id
and m.grantee_principal_id = p.grantee_principal_id and m.grantor_principal_id = p.grantor_principal_id
and m.type = p.type)
and exists
(select * from sys.database_permissions n
where n.class = 1 and n.major_id = p.major_id and n.minor_id > 0
and n.grantee_principal_id = p.grantee_principal_id and n.grantor_principal_id = p.grantor_principal_id
and n.type = p.type)

This seems like a flaw in the procedure itself. Create a wrapper around sp_helprotect, and then remove all rows not corresponding to the table/procedure that you specified as a parameter.

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