iSeries wish list for 2006

If could receive anything you wanted regarding the iSeries in 2006, what would top your iSeries wish list? Let us know and we'll compile the wish list and share it with you. Deb Tart Associate editor,

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1)Make the joblog/history log searchable while interactive instead of a tedious process of scanning through a spool file.

2)Push the iSeries brand out further. Compare capabilities of iSeries vs. SUN, WINTEL etc.

3)Change the standard green screen to a more dynamic one so messaging is set in a priority mode(Red-urgent, serious.Yellow-Lesser on both. Green-Normal, informational.This is not something that new-Mainframe uses such interface.)

4)Start adding capabilities that 3rd parties vendors normally supply.Microsoft has done this and it raised the bar on what the vendors now offer. Perhaps there are tools not even offered by 3rd party vendors but may be free/shareware that works very well and has for years. Incorporate it.

5)Be dynamic and evolve. Yes be true to your origins but look at the market place see whats out there and a)emulate what works or b)innovate whats needed.

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  • SheldonLinker
    * Full integration of Unix, as in the Z-Series. * The ability to extract a definition of a library as SQL commands. * Wildcard library/file/member searching. Something like DEC's PIP or DIR: PIP qtemp/myfile = */xyz(abc) * Addition of machine name to full names: corpas12::xsllib/workfile(*FIRST)
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  • TRowell
    1. Remove the interactive tax so the price of the box is competitive. 2. Add native support for HTML/CGI to RPG so that writing a CGI program is as simple as writing a green screen workstation program. EXFMT or WRITE is so much simpler than the CGI APIs. If a native GUI RPG interface is as simple to write as the regular green screen workstation programs, many, many more RPG shops would switch to GUI, which would help elevate the perception of the iSeries from that of an old out-dated dinosaur in the minds of those who don't know any better to what it truly is, the best business computer ever made! 3. Simplify or create native commands in OS/400 and/or RPG to make integration with Microsoft products like Office, Excel, email, etc. easier. If it is complex or difficult, fewer people will fight through what it takes to write and implement solutions. The beauty of the old AS400 was how simple and easy it was to use and to write applications for it, thanks to IBM's efforts with OS/400 and RPG. We need that same simplicity today when talking to browsers or PC based products. Don't get me wrong, having the APIs is great, but wrapping them up into a nice neat opcode or command is soooo much nicer. Give us an easier, faster way to write state of the art, flashy applications like the PCs have (only they will actually stay up and running on the iSeries :-)) and those boxes should be flying out the door in Rochester.
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  • JohnDavid
    Hi Debra, My wish list??? Well, with partitioning and the management thereof in the HMC I would like totally autonomous partitions where I can effectively run anything I want totally independant of any other process in the system. That means I would to run a Windows server natively on the iSeries in a partition and not on an Integrated X-Series server. The integrated x-series server has its place such as disk sharing, but I would like the option. Best regards JohnDavid
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  • DebraTart
    Paul sent in his 2006 wish list: "A low cost, entry level iSeries, built for small businesses, small professional offices, independent developers/consultants, etc. Priced at under $7,500 including i5/OS, system utilities, Query/400, WAS Express, SQL Development Kit, Compilers, 2 disk mirrored, 1 GB memory, enough CPW to support 10 users, and a pre-configured Linux LPAR."
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