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Is there a way to run multiple ftp servers on the iSeries? I want to run server on the default port to handle ftp so when a user logs on the current library of the user profile is the default directory. I want to run another server on a given port to handle ftp from so when a user logs on the user profiles home directory is the default directory.

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I don’t think your going to be able to do this using native os/400 commands. However I think there might be away to install an open FTP server into QP2TERM(PASE) or QSH, as long as you set the server to answer on a different port ex not port 21. Check out OpenSSH and you would have to look at the AIX version. So you could have OS/400 use FTP Server A on port 21 for users home directorys and an OPENSSH server on another port for the general default dir. OR the other way around. In fact I think there is a new redbook that talks about this check out Section 8.10 You will also have to get some free options from IBM look at 5733-SC1 section 8.10.1 in the same redbook. I would guess that IBM would some day update the options for their FTP server as right now they kinda suck. Anyway Sounds like a fun one.


One problem is that the services table only holds single entries for the “ftp-control” and “ftp_data” services. The Unix getservbyname()–Get Port Number for Service Name — sockets API can only return a single port for any particular service, and I don’t know of any standard way of asking for “a different port, please”.

So, two ftp servers that implement standards can’t coexist unless they serve different IP addresses. If one of them is non-standard, then non-standard behavior is okay. I suspect it will be difficult to find a non-standard ftp server that will run on iSeries. (The AIX/PASE idea is an interesting one. FileZilla has a server, though currently only available for Windows; but the project is open source.)

The most likely question, then, would be can two standard ftp servers run while serving two different IP addresses on a single iSeries? Well, I just tested adding new interfaces to my two AS/400s and connecting to ftp on the new address.

What this means is that it seems possible that a ftp exit program on the FTP server logon exit point could use the TCPL0200 exit point format to set current library if connections were on one address but current directory on a different IP address. Maybe. It seems possible.


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