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iSeries error messages
I have an error message question. I receive an error message or have reference to an error message that i would like to display with the Display message description command. The problem is identifying the message file that contains the specific error. At one time many years ago, I ran across a program that would allow you to enter the error message id on a screen and it would find the correct message file to retrieve the command. I am sure the program code contained a table linking the first 3-characters to the message file. Does anyone have a table, list or resource that cross references the messages to the message file either by the first three characters of the message or by some other method.

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You can type on the command line, WRKMSGD and hit enter and it will take you to the error messages.

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There is a large amount of information that the system has related to a message — enough to really clutter up a display with information one generally isn’t interested in.

If you are receiving the message with the RCVMSG command, the Receive Program Message API QMHRCVPM, or the Receive Nonprogram Message API QMHRCVM then all three have the option to return the message file name and library. For RCVMSG these are the MSGF, MSGFLIB, and SNDMSGFLIB keywords. SNDMSGFLIB by the way indicates the library used by the sender — which in a multilingual environment might not be the same library as you are using to “see” the message.

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Bruce Vining

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  • Cwc
    For other messages that aren't located in the QCPFMSG message file, you can use the WRKMSGF command to see the message files whose names begin with the specified characters, either in the library list, or all the ones on the system. A few of the IBM message files have text descriptions that indicate what type of messages they contain, but for most, I usually have to look at the name to see how and where that message file is likely to be used. For example, many of the program runtime error messages are in QRNXMSG in the QSYS library. But that message file has no description, so you pretty much have to browse through a few message files and see the various messages to find the one(s) you're looking for. Unfortunately, I don't have or know of an automated utility to find the message file in which a specific message file is located.
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  • Gilly400
    Hi, This does seem to be a shortcoming of the messaging on the iSeries. When you display message details you can see all sorts of information about where the message came from, when, which message Id, etc - but not which message file was used. Regards, Martin Gilbert.
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  • TomLiotta
    When you display message details you can see all sorts of information... - but not which message file was used. When a message is actually being displayed, what difference does it make what message file it came from? What can you learn from the message file that isn't available on the message display itself? I would expect that the problem arises from programming that doesn't expose the message file. That would be a particular problem when useful message details such as 2nd-level text are also not exposed. Otherwise, what can knowing the message file do? Tom
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