iSeries DB2 – Have Physical File need to create Logical File to access Member

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I know very little about the iSeries (I can spell it is all). I am working with an ODBC connection to get to DB2 data on the iSeries. Everything is going extremely well other than 2 files that I need to access use members. These are the only ones that do on the entire system. I was told that I could create a Logical File to overlay the Physical File to access four of the seven members. First question, is do I need four separate logical files or will one work? (either way would work for me). Second question is how do I do this?  I have tried reading papers and most talk about using a source file. This does not exist on the system. I need good instructions that are easy to follow with no assumptions that I have a clue what I am doing.

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AS400 iSeries DB2

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First create a source member that has the requirements for the LF. Fields used, select requirements, key fields..

Here is a sample of source for a LF called F$MACNEILC. This is stored in a QDDSSRC member with the same name as the file. The file uses all the fields from the PF, no selection of specific records, and is keyed by PARTNO

Now at a command line key the command to create a logical file. CRTLF
Enter your new file name, and the library where you want to store the file. Usually the same place as the PF. 
Enter the Source file and library (You just created this). If the member name is different, enter it, else you can leave it at *FILE
At the bottom of the screen, enter the name and library of the PF.
Put a + sign on the next line for Members. Press enter.
You now have a page where you can enter all the members names you need.
Press enter and you will create the file.                                    

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  • philpl1jb

    A          R F$MACNEILR                PFILE(F$MACNEILC)<BR>

    F$MACNEILR  Must be the physical file Format name.

    Not something you probably work with .. getit from here

    dspfd myPhysicFile

    Go to the bottom of ther file

    The word "Format" will be in the upper left

    The Format name is just below that.

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  • philpl1jb

    A simplier alternative would be to use SQL to create an Alais for each member and then use the Alais instead of the physical or logical

    SQL command


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  • philpl1jb

    The Alais will only work if you use SQL to access the data.

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  • BigKat
    The best solution might be to just ask the IT folks that normally work on it to set up the logical for you. 
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  • Genderhayes
    I have no idea of what connection URL you are using the db2 protocol for example if you are connecting through JDBC ODBC read others more detailed Sorry
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