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I have a condition in an iSeries CL program where, if the condition is false, I want to abort the program. But, I want the system to treat it like an abnormal termination. Not like a logic problem and I just ENDPGM. The job following this first program needs to see 00 to indicate the first program completed normally. If it does not, then the second job can not start.

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To force an abnormal termination, just call a program that does not exist.
There is no way for a 2nd program to not start based on some other condition if the 2nd program has to do the checking.
You could have a special job queue for these jobs. Then in program 1, you put it on hold as your first instruction. If the job completes normally, the just before existing program, you RLSJOBQ

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  • bvining
    A slightly more descriptive way of aborting the program when a logic error is found would be to use the Send Program Message (SNDPGMMSG) command. One example would be SNDPGMMSG MSGID(CPF9897) MSGF(QCPFMSG) MSGDTA('Logic error 1 encountered') MSGTYPE(*ESCAPE). This would send an escape message to the caller of the program with text of 'Logic error 1 encountered'. Assuming the caller is not monitoring for an escape such as CPF9897 then you'll get your abnormal termination. You could get fancier and build your own message to send, but this will get the job done.

    The advantage here, over say calling a non-existent program, is that you can have the program detecting the logic failure indicate what failure it encountered (using the MSGDTA parameter). You will, for instance, find the message in the failing jobs job log which might aid in determining what went wrong. 
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  • Pgmr46

    thanks for answering my previous questions. 

    Here is another. If I alcobj and the job aborts. And this could happen for a variety of reason, either by the system, bad code, invalid data,......, is the object still locked and preventing another from accessing it?I'm thinking no! But not sure. Thanks

      ALCOBJ ((*LIBL/myfile  *DTAARA  *EXCL)) WAIT(300)  

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  • philpl1jb

    Object will be locked until the job ends.

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  • philpl1jb

    In the Help for ALCOBJ

    Allocated job-scoped locks are automatically released when the job ends.

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