iSeries AFPDS printing to an IP printer is not supporting images to IP printer.

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I am attempting to eliminate several pre-printed forms by using AFPDS, however I am running into a problem printing images. I first encountered the problem in trying to shade boxes. After research revealed that box shading is actually an image, I tried adding our company logo, confirming that I am unable to print images using AFPDS. A* A R PRINT A PAGSEG(MYLIB/PSEGMENT + A 4 4 + A (*SIZE 3.0 1.0)) A A BOX(1 1 1.5 2 0.01 + A (*SHADE 20 (*COLOR BLK))) A BOX(2 1 2.5 2 0.01 + A (*SHADE 40 (*COLOR BLK))) A BOX(3 1 3.5 2 0.01 + A (*SHADE 60 (*COLOR BLK))) A BOX(4 1 4.5 2 0.01 + A (*SHADE 80 (*COLOR BLK))) A BOX(5 1 5.5 2 0.01 + A (*SHADE 100 (*COLOR BLK))) The printer file is compiled with DEVTYPE(*AFPDS) The assoicated RPGLE is just as simple at this point FPTESTP O E PRINTER C WRITE PRINT C EVAL *INLR = '1' Printing the output produces several boxes, but no shading and no logo. Assuming this is mostly likey a configuration issue, I have tried several variations of two printer configurations to solve my problem First I attempted using a remote output queue. CRTOUTQ OUTQ(QUSRSYS/CROSS4) RMTSYS(*INTNETADR) RMTPRTQ('text') AUTOSTRWT(1) CNNTYPE(*IP) DESTTYPE(*OTHER) TRANSFORM(*YES) MFRTYPMDL(*HP5SI) INTNETADR('') SEPPAGE(*NO) TEXT('test') Next I tried using a real printer defintion. CRTDEVPRT DEVD(CROSS2) DEVCLS(*LAN) TYPE(3812) MODEL(1) LANATTACH(*IP) PORT(9100) ONLINE(*NO) FONT(11) MSGQ(QSYSOPR) PARITY(*NONE) STOPBITS(1) TRANSFORM(*YES) MFRTYPMDL(*HP5SI) RMTLOCNAME('') SYSDRVPGM(*HPPJLDRV) My printer is an HP LaserJet 5SI with a JetDirect card My iSeries is a model 170 w/V5R2. I have also tried this on a model 810 w/V5R2 Since there are many posslible failure points in using a page segment to print a logo, I would be happy with help in identifing the correct printer configuraion for getting my boxes shaded. Thanks, Len Johnson

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You would need a printer with an IPDS card to print AFPDS pages. You can find several variations of IBM Infoprint printers that will fit your printing needs, but be aware the IPDS card is about $600 in addition to the cost of the printer.

You can also go with IPDS emulation software to utilize the IPDS capabilities on non-IPDS printers like your HP. Adaptio software from IO corp is reliable and lightweight, but you will need to mess with the configurations to get it working just right. Luckily, they have a good support staff.

Most DDS keywords, compiled as *AFPDS can print to standard laser printers without IPDS printers or emulation. The DDS for Printer Files V6R1 or which release you are at, has a list of the keywords allowed in *AFPDS. I use them all the time without IPDS.

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  • Koohiisan
    For reference, I print AFPDS-compiled print files to non-IPDS printers many times every hour, all with no loss whatsoever. The files contain an overlay for our company logo, as well as numerous boxes, font styles, and font sizes. These are normal laser printers made by HP, Lexmark, and IBM. So, the need for special software to interpret these files may no longer be needed...if you have the right kind of (non-IPDS) printer!
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  • mmanley
    The easiest way to accomplish what you're trying to do is use a Client Access session with Host Print Transform checked. This works very well for a printer attached to a PC, but should also work just as well with your network printer, if you pass the print stream through the Client Access session, and specify the printer for that session as the network device.
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  • Splat
    My experience is similar to Koohiisan's: no IPDS printers, but lots of AFPDS output on networked HP printers with no problems
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  • BigKat
    Koohiisan and Splat may be lucky and have quasi-IPDS models, but since you have already tried, it sounds like your printer model isn't. Mmanley's suggestion will work no matter what printer you have.
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