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I have a printer file devtype(*afpds) in which I would like to print one page in profile & then the next in landscape. I am trying to do this within the dds with different records. I create the prtf with PAGRTT(0). Then, in the dds on a given record format, I specify PAGRTT(90) to achieve landscape. It's not working. Please HELP!!!!

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The page rotation keyword is only valid for 3812, 3816, 3820, 3825, 3827, 3835, & 4028 printers.

You must be sure you at a page boundry when you try to print the record format (w/ pagrtt keyword) otherwise a diag msg is issued.

As an example: You would use a SKIPB(1) command to skip to line 1 to ensure you are starting a new page. Assume this print file was created with PAGRTT(0)
A FIELD1 3A 2 01
A FIELD2 3A 6 01
A FIELD3 3A 5 01

RECORD1 starts a new page w/ 90 deg rotation and prints FIELD1 on line 2,
RECORD2 prints FIELD2 on line 6 also at 90 deg rotation because it is still on the same page, RECORD3 prints FIELD3 on line 5 of a NEW PAGE w/ zero deg rotation.
RECORD3/FIELD3 prints on a new page because FIELD2 is printed on line 6 and the next line 5 is on the next page.

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  • JohnnyMooch
    Thanks for the response. Your answer looks like it came right out of the book!!! Do you have a working example? I've coded things just like the example you gave, and I am not receiving any diagnostic warnings. Yet the rotation keyword declared in the record format is ignored. Thanks for any help......
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  • kevleemor
    Hey that's funny... it did come from the book! I coded this example and it worked on my IBM Infoprint 1145 printer Display File
    A          R PRTH011                   SKIPB(1)        
    A                                      SPACEA(001)     
    A                                    22'EDI'           
    A                                      SPACEA(001)     
    A                                    30'PURCHASE +     
    A                                      ORDER'          
    A          R PRTH021                   SKIPB(1)        
    A                                      PAGRTT(90)      
    A                                      SPACEA(001)     
    A                                     8'Product      ' 
    A                                      SPACEA(001)     
    A                                    71'Delivery '     
    RPG Program
    H/TITLE  Page Rotation Test printout                 
    FZZPAGROTP O    E             PRINTER OFLIND(*IN79)  
    F                                     INFDS(SRPRT)   
    D SRPGM         ESDS                  EXTNAME(SRDPGM)
    D SRPRT         E DS                  EXTNAME(SRDPRT)
    C                   WRITE     PRTH011                
    C                   WRITE     PRTH021                
    C                   WRITE     PRTH011                
    C                   WRITE     PRTH021                
    C                   EVAL      *INLR = *ON            
    C                   RETURN                           
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  • JohnnyMooch
    Thanks Kev, I failed to mention one detail - I am also working with Overlays!!!! The example you provided works like a charm. I am able to go from port to land just the way you explained - I now have that working - thanks! Here's what's happening when I introduce the overlays; Page1 Portrait with Overlay and positionally defined variable data - prints the way I like. Page2 Landscape without Overlay and the variable data is defined as line - prints the way I like. BUT...... Page2 Landscape with Overlay and line data - reverts back to default or ignores pagrtt(90) - not what I want.... Any thoughts, suggestions, advice, moral support? Thanks for any assistance, John
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