iSeries Access and 5250 Session Disconnects

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I have a client with a Dell Laptop that is connecting to an i5 520 system with iSeries Access V5R3. The 5250 sessions will not stay connected. All other PC and telnet devices have no problems stating connected. I believe the issue is associated with the Microsoft updates associated with the Laptop. Has anyone had similar issues and found a solution for the problem?

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Network or VPN?

We had a similar problem a while back with Rumba. After we upgraded our VPN clients, the max MTU size was too high, and the encrypted packets would get chopped up on some larger screens (although you could log in fine). Using ping to determine the maximum useable MTU size over the VPN, and then adjusting solved our problem…

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  • JDWWms
    We've seen similar problems and you need to first check the Access logs to see if there are any errors and also use CWBPING to make sure you are at least reaching the system. The next thing is to make sure Access is up to date with Service packs and if it still doesn't work unload/reload Client Access
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    above other solutions have you checked system parameter QAUTOVRT ?
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  • hafwhit
    I have tried several items I found on the Web and so far the problem has not been resolved. I have tried adding ?KeepAlive=Y? to the *.ws configuration and I changed the value ?CHGTCPA IPRSBTIMO(86)? from the default of 10. The session connects to the system so QAUTOVRT would not be an issue. The client connects from home with a VPN connection and most of the time it stays connected. The issue is when connection is made at the office over the LAN. I believe the problem is with the Ethernet card in the Laptop but based on past experience with Dell it might take a week for them to admit it.
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  • Jklipa
    If this laptop has a static IP address it may be conflicting with another IP address on the network...
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  • Roses06
    We had this same issue with VPN while in the office. We would be disconnected about every 10 minutes or so. Under options menu uncheck stateful firewall (always on) and the Iseries connection should stay active.
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  • Molzep
    I have this problem at home when connecting through my VPN. I get disconnected after 20 minutes of inactivity, and I'm not on a virtual session. *SYSOPR gets the following message: TCP/IP connection to remote system closed, reason code 3 anyone find any fixes?
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  • TomLiotta
    If normal actions don't work, it's probably 'keep-alives' that need attention. Review this question thread -- Network Issues Only Dropping PC5250 Sessions That Are Not Frequently Used. Tom
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  • Morbido007
    Hello everyone. I understood that the connection is lost only a few clients after about 1 minute of inactivity. So it's definitely a problem of client access. Where can I do? I've tried adding "KEEPALIVE = Y" in the file. Ws but without changes. May be related to service packs, updates etc. .. ?
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