iSeries Access 5250 codes visible?

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iSeries 525
iSeries Access
iSeries V5R4M5
We've just had an odd problem report from a user. They've sent us a screenshot of their CA400 login screen, and it appears that they have somehow turned on a facility to view the 5250 control codes.

For example, from the top left the text is:

[?3l[?7h[6;53H[?3l etc. The rest of the screen is full of this with the 'normal' text mixed in.

Unless this is printer code that has somehow got into the screen session?

Anyone seen anything like this?

Software/Hardware used:
iSeries i525 v5r4m5

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I’m not aware of a flag on the device desc. that would turn that function on/off. Back in the days when the terminals were Coax cable connected, you had to put the terminal in setup mode for the display codes to be visible. And those codes you show are not familiar.

Screen Attributes for Color Displays
Value Meaning
’20’ Green
’21’ Green/Reverse Image
’22’ White
’23’ White/Reverse Image
’24’ Green/Underscore
’25’ Green/Underscore/Reverse Image

My guess would be a software problem. Are you using Client Access?

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  • TomLiotta
    If you review the *DEVD for that session on your AS/400 and compare it to similar *DEVDs for other users' sessions, do they all have similar types? Tom
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  • djac
    By the time I was made aware of this issue the device was in use by another user so would most likely have been auto-recreated if there were any significant differences. It was/is a standard QPADEV* device and is currently a 3179 device type.
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  • TomLiotta
    I've only seen this once or twice, and not for a few years. I don't recall that any specific "fix" was involved then; IIRC, it simply went away after trying various usual things -- end/restart the session, restart the PC, etc. You show i5/OS V5R4. Are you also using PComm 5.8? (I.e., is the emulator also from iSeries Access V5R4?) Your question references "iSeries Access" and "CA400". Is this really iSeries Access? Or are you using PComm out of a different product? Most importantly, I suppose, is the problem still happening? Tom
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