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How do I know why our as/400 is running very slow? do you an specific command besides DSPSYSSTS or WRKACTJOB. thanks

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WRKACTJOB should show you what you need to know. If not, try WRKSYSACT.


Also check WRKJOBQ to see if jobs are backed up in a single threaded JOBQ.


Also check with wrkdsksts or wrksyssts the DASD (if it is < 85% you can have a problem).
Take care with the queries that could be in a loop creating a huge spool file. Check the interactive activity (some users enjoy to run huge queries in interactive subsystem instead of submit to qbatch).
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  • WM
    Actually, if you run the WRKACTJOB command you can press F4 on the CPU% column and it should put the job that is taking the highest CPU on your system. There might be more options if your using the iSeries Access program. I suggest you give it a try. Hope this helps.
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  • ADmobius
    WM, what version of operating system are you on? When I press F4 on the CPU% column from WRKACTJOB, all I get is an error message that states 'Cannot prompt with cursor in this location'. Am I missing something here?
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  • Cwc
    Instead of F4, it should be F16 (upper shift of F4), to sort the jobs by CPU percentage.
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  • Boykie
    There are so many places to look. For starters, I would look at the WRKSYSSTS and ensure there are no jobs going ineligible. Secondly, I much prefer running with Auto-Performance Adjuster turned off. Proper tuning is important. There is also WRKSYSACT, but you may have to have purchased performance tools for that to be on your system. Once you have tuning resolved, there are some things you can do to help yourself. For example, keep the machine tidy .. GO CLEANUP and use that to get rid of old logs etc. Journal Management etc is a little more of a manual effort, but they should be kept tidy... Good luck. Holler if you wanna discuss offline.
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  • Gilly400
    Hi, You don't need performance tools to be able to use WRKSYSACT. I believe that you do need *JOBCTL authority. Regards, Martin Gilbert.
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