Is Windows hosting a better platform compared to Linux?

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I'm setting up a website and I'm uncertain of what platform should I have for my server. My friends say having linux is much better compared to windows, but I'm more comfortable working with windows. when it comes to application specific to OS and security, which do you think is best? forgive me cause i have a little knowledge about linux, thanks!

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If you don’t have any experience with Linux and you do with Windows then Windows is the better option for you. Neither is better by itself, it all depends on the person who is setting up and managing the server as to if it’ll be secure or not.

There are plenty of instances of Linux servers getting hacked into just like there are with Windows servers. It all depends on the admin.

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  • ErroneousGiant
    Both can be secured as well the other. The choice really comes down to which technology are you going to use on your website. I.e. a Windows absed server will asp etc....
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  • Finn185
    I'm planning on using PHP and not asp.. which do you recommend?
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  • carlosdl
    If you don't plan to use some other technology requiring Windows in the future, Linux could be the best option. Your lack of Linux knowledge won't probably be a big problem, because your hosting provider will most likely give you a web application to manage your hosting (you are not going to administer the Linux box directly). However, you might need some knowledge of PHP on Linux.
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  • Koohiisan
    I've used both types and, as Carlosdl alluded to, you won't be accessing the underlying Windows system directly (e.g., it's not like you'll connect with Remote Desktop and click on things). You'll almost always be using a web app to control and administer your server. Of course, in the same vein, you won't interact directly with the Linux server either, unless you specifically want to via SSH (if offered at all). The key difference in my experience (aside from cost) is that Windows hosting tends to support ASP and FrontPage Extensions, where Linux hosting sometimes maybe only supports FrontPage Extensions. PHP should be available on either type of hosting plan.
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  • Chippy088
    I am assuming you are hosting the server locally, and not wanting to use a service provider. I set up an internal system 8 months ago. After taking a couple of months to compare the options from Microsoft against the Linux distributions available, I opted for the Linux LAMP serever option. I, too was only really confident with windows, as I had used it for years. Basically, there is not much difference in what they do. I opted for the Linux system for the following reasons. It is free and you can change to other versions if you find it is lacking something you need. In most cases, add-ons can be obtained to do the task without major interference to the website itself. So it doesn't require a great financial commitment, and if it goes wrong, (as it did, user error) it only cost me time to correct it. Documentation is good, and easy to find on the web. It works as well on older computers, so I can make use of computers I have which still work well, but not worth upgrading the graphics, or RAM, to support the newer operating systems. I have FTP and web servers running on 5 year old equipment. The demand is not great, <150 users, so it works well for me. I am using a CMS site (Joomla), as well as a HTMLl/PHP pages on a 2nd site hosted on the same server. The hibrid site is intranet and the CMS is mainly public access, with a membership login for clients for connection to the intranet site for file downloads. You don't say whether it is a personal site, or for business use. That might influence your choice of OS.
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  • Finn185
    thanks for all the inputs, @chippy - I'm looking at the option of getting a service provider for the site. forgive me for being a novice about this topic as this will be my first hands on with setting up a website and getting a domain and a web host for it. i'm reading reviews of some windows hosting providers from this review site and i'm kind of interested with the premium plan of though it cost much compared to other plans.. i'll try to browse some more providers, but i think @koohisan is correct and it's like all of the plans can accomodate PHP.
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