is there any way to know the jobs which are using a particular job description?

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Hi, I have a job description. I want to know what are all jobs are using that job description. please help me. thanks in advance

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This is tricky since jobs don’t actually use job descriptions (*JOBDs). They are used by users to tell Work Management how to set up an environment for a job to run under. Once the environment is set, the *JOBD is no longer important.

That’s why you can change a *JOBD attribute after a job starts and the change doesn’t affect the job.

You can retrieve attributes of jobs that are currently tracked in the system to see what *JOBD was used for it. The information can be retrieved for each job from format JOBI0400 of the <a href=””>Retrieve Job Information (QUSRJOBI) API</a>. However, this can only tell you about jobs that are in the system when you call the API.

It can’t tell you about a job that completed an hour ago and that left no object such as a spooled file on an *OUTQ.

Ideally, you have auditing enabled and you are tracking *JOBDATA. You can then retrieve T/JS entries from QUADJRN. Look for entry-specific data sub-type ‘B’ (Submit). The *JOBD name begins in position 50 of the entry-specific data.

That lets you see how every submitted job had a *JOBD specified going back as far as your journal goes. You could extract and review T/JS entries on a daily basis for a few days or for as long as needed to make it through an accounting cycle — however long you choose.

Details of JS entries are in Appendix F of the Security Reference manual for your version/release of the OS.


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  • Splat
    Umm, I think Sudheer794 is talking about *JOBD. To see which job descriptions are assigned to which users, DSPUSRPRF *ALL (or is it WRKUSRPRF *ALL) to an outfile and query the file. As for jobs, are you talking about active jobs or submitted jobs. The first I'm not sure how to get without looking at the job as it runs; the second would require trolling through all of your source, menus included, to find out how a particular job is submitted. If anyone knows of a better method, I'm all ears.
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  • sudheer794
    hi.. I think U didn't get my concern. I have a JOBD in my server. Now I want to know what are all the jobs are using that JOBD. is there any command/way to get the job list which are using that a particular jobd. hope you get this. please help me..
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  • sudheer794
    Yes Splat, I am talking about *JOBD... I want to get the jobs list which are using a particular JOBD...
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  • carlosdl
    Funny. I hope you understand now how important is to tag your question appropriately and to mention the software/hardware being used, when creating a question. Now that this has been clarified, I'm sure you will get your answer.
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