Is there any simple Script is available for Notes automatic client setup ?

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Hi, Do anyone have a script that completes the notes 6.5. configuration automatically. This is required for a fresh notes client setup. Note : that script should automatically enter the password and delete all the Ports except TCP/IP and the Mobile location must be set as Office (Network) and other should be deleted. (Path to this area is File->Mobil->Location->). I've tried this via ScriptIT but not successful and used the VB script but this could be done only through a simple command, redirection in NOtes.ini to a file saved on a local drive. Is there any other way to make it as simple as possible, without touching the Notes.ini file any clues ????? or any scripts ??? Thanks Krishp

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Yes, you can write scripts to do this. What I have done is create a database with a script in the Other > Database Resources > Database Script > Initialize event. When tech support configures a new user, they open this database to force the script to run and change some settings that we have found helpful.

I’ll paste an excerpt here. I don’t think I have any ini settings in this specific script. I have another database that has buttons that are available to users to set things we’ve needed in the past. You can find example scripts in the designer help database for changing ini settings.

Here is a code snippet that gets connection documents that modifies them for our environment. This is not complete at all. It is just an example.

‘– dim variables needed to check whether users has LotusMSP1 connection document
Dim db As New notesdatabase(“”, “names.nsf”)
Dim view As notesview
Set View = db.GetView( “Connections” )
Dim doc As notesdocument
Dim condoc As notesdocument
Set condoc = view.getfirstdocument

‘– check whether connection document exists for LotusMSP1
Do While Not (condoc Is Nothing)

valuetest$ = Ucase(condoc.destination(0))
If valuetest$ = “CN=LOTUSMSP1/O=AUDIT DIVISION” Then
condoc.PortName = “TCPIP”
condoc.LANPortName = “TCPIP”
condoc.RemotePortName = “*”
condoc.OptionalNetworkAddress = MSP$
condoc.PhoneNumber = MSP$
condoc.DisplayPhoneNumber = MSP$
success = condoc.ComputeWithForm( False, False )
Call condoc.Save(True, True)
conset$ = “Yes”


Thanks for your comment. IN CAPS. I posted a sample because I expect that people understand LotusScript and wanted to know how to reference the objects that need to be updated. The code could never be complete because I don’t know the full requirements for everything that needs to be updated. I have full requirements for people I work for that I need to address. I thought I was helping out a coder who can use this direction to provide a customized solution. Anyone that knows lotusscript must know that the next document needs to be set, the Do loop needs to be closed, etc. If not, Ms./Mr. Krishp is perfectly capable of following up to ask more questions.

My apologies to all members if this is the wrong way to use this site.

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  • SoniaC
    Someone may prove me wrong, so I'll add this as a discussion and not an answer, but fundamentally the Lotus Notes client settings are all contained in the notes.ini and the personal names.nsf ... so I can't see how you could script something that doesn't touch the notes.ini file. -SoniaC
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