Is there an IBM Tool to Rebind Plans/Collections

I am an applicaiton developer, (analyst) resonsible for ensuring four test regions (and sometimes the produciton region) performs as effieciently as possible. We have approximately 1000 programs that have not accurate statistics (run stats are not updated, another question). Our DBA's tell us it is our responsibility to rebind the applicaitons (one at a time) multiplied by four regions. We have quit using the Platinum product and have IBM Tools only. Is their a IBM utility/job that says rebind all items in this collection? And if so, can you provide me a sample of the step to execute it! Thanks in advance. (Even if I need to extract all applicaitons from the DB2 catalog and paste them into a job, that is satisfactorily).

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Unless I misunderstood, it is easy. Just run this job step to rebind all packages in a collection:

REBIND PACKAGE(collection.*.(*))

The first * means “all packages”, the second “all versions” within this collection. In fact, you can replace collection by * as well to rebind everything in the subsystem.

Of course, with every rebind you have to be aware of the possibility of access path changes.

You can probably do this from DB2I 5:BIND/REBIND/FREE as well, however I never use this; a batch job provides better documentation.

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  • Home4ever
    It's been a while and I am assuming this is mainframe based. When you say rebind there are 2 commands BIND and REBIND. REBIND will only re-establish the access paths using the previously bound DBRM it will NOT read new DBRM's. So first you need to decide which to do. To access a full collection use 'collection name'.* in the bind/rebind for all packages. You should be able to get a list of packages etc via SQL against the system tables SYSPLAN, SYSPACKAGE, SYSDBRM etc. What IBM tools do you have? You could run a REBIND 'collection name'.* using IKJEFT1B in a batch job. If you need to BIND the packages you will need to check all of the DBRM libraries are correct or list them in priority order concatenated on a DBRMLIB DD statement in your IKJEFT1B step.
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  • TwoMetreBill
    Many shops, even those with tens of thousands of plans and/or packages, rebind all their plans/packages as part of their REORG cycle. They follow the following steps: 1. REORG with COPY while collecting full statistics on all columns. 2. REBIND PLAN (*) EXPLAIN YES (if they have any plans that don't use packages). 3. REBIND PACKAGE (*.*.*) EXPLAIN YES (to rebind all the packages in all collections. Bill
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  • Craigmullins
    I'm not sure if these two IBM tools fit your need exactly, but you might want to check them out: DB2 Bind Manager - information available at DB2 Path Checker - information available at Good luck, Craig S. Mullins Mullins Consulting, Inc.
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