Is there an AS400 command to extract user profile information for production environment only?

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I need a user profile list for as400 user in the production environment. THe DSPUSRPRF provided me all users for all environments (production, test, training). How can I only get users in the production environment?

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We don’t know what makes one of your users a Production, a Test or a Training user. Presumably, you do.

The easiest way, unless there is something obvious about the naming of User Profiles or their attributes as User Profiles, is to create a file of all your non-IBM User Profiles and set a flag in each record to say what type of user each is. Then use that file to include ony the User Profiles you are interested in.

Of course, this file would have to be maintained. Depending on how you create User Profiles, the easiest way is to make the people responsible for maintaining them go through a cressn YOU write, which will show the profiles from your file, allowing them to delete, change or create profiles. You can pass control through to the relevant IBM commands, with (selective) prompting, and thus maintain the file at the same time.

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  • Lovemyi
    The other way of getting the production users list, if the inital program or menu calls production only and not an combined production, test and dev, is to save the userprofile list to an outfile and query over that selecting only those profiles that call that program or menu. This will work only if there is some sure way to tell the user profiles apart that Sloopy mentioned above. If it is a generic program call that works for both test, dev and production then you can see if there is a unique jobd and that could be queried as well. Lovemyi
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  • TomLiotta
    There are no user profiles in the "production, test, and training" environments. All user profiles are in the entire system. If you want to list user profiles according to how they are used, then you will have to create a file that links users to environments or you will have to read the user profiles and analyze the profile attributes to determine which environment they link to. The environments might already have a file that you can use, but there is no way that we could know that. Or you might use the initial program or initial menu attribute or the job description attribute or the group profile attribute or any other attribute that can help identify the profile. The important detail is simply that user profiles are not in those environments; they are in the system. Unless... your 'environments' are in different partitions or are separated in some similar way. But again, there is no way that we could know that. You would have to tell us. Your mention of DSPUSRPRF indicates that that isn't how you are set up. Tom
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