Is there a way to change schedule for running OutOfOffice Agent on the server?

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We are using Lotus Notes 7. Is there a way to change the schedule for running OutOfOffice Agent to run more often other than the default: Every 6 hours | Between 4:00AM - Midnight? Users get frustrated when they send a message to somebody after 10:01 am, then would wait have to wait a long time til they get an Out of Office message by 4pm. Can somebody please direct me where to change it? Would writing another script or agent solve the issue? _newbie here_

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The easiest way to do this is on a global level. You need to modify the OOTO agent in the template to have the schedule you want. You then need to refresh the design of everyone’s mail file from that newly modified template. After you do that, though, the agent will be signed by you. The next time people turn on the the OOTO agent, they simply need to make sure they change the dates or text so that it updates the agent with their name (so it comes from them). This happens 99.9% of the time anyway, but it is something to note.

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  • Davidkillingsworth
    You can always modify the agent with the designer of the individual databases if you have a few fussy users or VIP users who really want this functionality. Otherwise, updating the template in the suggestion above will work for everyone. that is provided that all users are using the same mail template, and you have designer set to run at 1AM in your notes.ini on all of your servers. The designer is set to run at 1AM by default, but some organizations disable the designer on all or some servers to keep design from accidentally refreshing databases if a bad template gets let loose in the environment somehow.
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  • JPA
    Changing the design is indeed the only way to solve your problem. We did this also. We also made sure we have one template for the whole company, which takes effort to maintaint this ! Be aware for (scheduled) design updates regarding the OOTO functionality. We had the problem that even when the OOTO was 'ON' for some users, it was 'OFF' after design update. We solved it by disabling the design task and having another task updating the mail templates only when the OOTO is not 'ON' at that moment. This also gives us the possibility to update the design in phases rather that doing it for all (about 5000) users in one time.
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  • Cjohnson01
    Does the agent run at regular, cyclical intervals (4 AM, 10 AM, 4 PM, and 10 PM), or is it every six hours after a user activates the agent?
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