Is there a way to calculate or estimate the storage capacity I need for my backups?

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We work mostly with pictures and video, some users have a backup up to 100 GB, not all of them use this much but we are running out of space and just got upgraded so our ideas are running out and next investment will be evaluated with magnifying glass...twice. So we need a way to estimate or calulate how much storage we will have to buy in at least one year, without having to add up all of what we have now.

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You need to gather information to make this assessment.

Ideally you should capture how much disk you are using at the end of each month. Then you can see a trending line. When you see peaks or valleys; determine why. Was it a rush of new customers, or loss of some? New application that is causing disk usage to grow. A new way of zipping files so storage requirements were reduced. Data cleanup of unneeded objects?  Etc…

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  • Subhendu Sen
    Actually, what procedure u adopted to take backup like this !! Just copy them day to day basis.... generally pic/vdieos r copied their default name, till change their name. Have u ever removed backups old data after a certain date/ time.... Did u keep backups with their original name or compressed mode (like zip/ rar). If u take proper procedure, hopefully u can adjust/ store existing data in the same storage media. Though more details will require to crack ur Q.
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  • fmstereo

    Thank you all for the comments, have been helpful.

    We have the backup program for about 3 months now, but the problem seems to be the output files, some get to 100+ GB. We use Duplicati and we are using daily incremental. A problem is that we used weekly full backup, we are trying to change that to a monthly basis and keep the daily incremental. With the zip/rar idea, we found an option to increase the compression level, it can compress from 0 (no compression) to 9 (the most). We are going to try with 9, hopping that it does not have any problems when we get to do the opposite process.

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