Is there a way to automate the ‘Receive Files from Host’ command’?

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I need to automatically run the Receive Files from Host command after business hours. Is there a CLP command to accomplish this with an example? Thanks, LWK

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<i>Is there a CLP command to accomplish this…</i>

No. A CLP is an AS/400 Control Language program. It doesn’t run on PCs. The Receive Files from Host function is a PC function, a part of iSeries Access. It doesn’t run on AS/400s.

A better question would be to describe the business activity that you need to perform and ask how it can be automated. Are there files that are used by a PC server? Are they updated or generated by your AS/400? Are they uploaded from some remote system? What format is needed for the PC copy of the data?

It seems probable the Receive Files from Host is not the best choice. A more likely choice would be either transfer through the /QNTC file system or through a simple directory share. Format the file with CPYTOIMPF or a more advanced function.

But it’s hard to tell without knowing what needs to be done.



You’re receiving files from the iSeries to a PC running iSeries Access?

If so, you can probably do this using some Windows scripting and Windows scheduling..
Or you can set up a PC batch program to pull the file via FTP from the iSeries and schedule that through Windows.

You can also send the files from the iSeries system to an FTP server you can set up a batch job on the iSeries to do that.

As far as CL commands, there is the STRPCO and STRPCCMD CL commands. The STRPCCMD will executer a command on the PC – which could be a script that downloads the file.. Seems too complicated to me.. And, I think you need to execute the command from the PC you will want to send the file from.


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  • WoodEngineer
    Check out IBM's documentation for rfrompcb.exe and rtopcb.exe. You can find these programs on a PC where IBM's Client Access is installed. These IBM-supplied programs are designed to transfer data to and from the AS/400 via commands that can be called on your PC. In a former life we used the rfrompcb.exe to transfer data collected from our retail sites to the AS/400. Every morning when we arrived the data was sitting on the AS/400, ready for review. The whole process ran from a script that executed on a PC. These commands also work just find from a .BAT file.
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  • graybeard52
    Actually both rfrompcb and rtopcb have been replaced (although they still work) by rxferpcb.exe
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