Is there a way of checking remote PCs to see how much of the hard drive is taken up with MS Office documents?

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I would like to run a report that tells me how much space on all our user's laptops is taken up with MS Office files (Excel, Powerpoint, Word). Currently a lot of our laptop users are saving their data to the local HDD and we would like to get them to back up this data to the network. It would be really useful to have an idea of how much server space we are going to need - hence the need for a report that gives us an idea of the total amount of files that are likely to be backed up.

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WinDirStat can be downloaded for free from here.

WinDirStat is a visual drive space manager that uses treemaps to represent each file as a colored rectangle, allowing you to instantly visualize file distribution across an entire drive or folder. In addition, the file types are color coded and can be clicked to reveal file name and details with options to access via Windows Explorer, copy the path, or to delete the file. The concept is very similar to SequoiaView, however it provides additional folder tree access and an easier to use interface, as well as right-click integration via SendTo menu.

this isnt a program that you will use every day, but when you need it, its certainly one of the best tools for the job. First opinions are sometimes deceiving, and the colorful usage/distribution display at the bottom of the screen was a bit disconcerting at first. After a few minutes of playing (who reads help files?), I realized that what looks like pop-art is probably the most powerful feature of this gem of a program. After understanding what it meant and how it worked, I fell in love with this little gem. Anyone can make good use of WDS, but its especially useful for people who have others using their computer. Whether its parents with kids that are filling their hard drives with junk, or IT admins who need to monitor their users disk space.

It may not be as automated as you want but hey it is free!

JDiskreport is another great free tool that can be run from a MAC also – since it runs under JAVA. It has been valuable to me also when looking at what files/folders are taking up so much space on a system.

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  • Findsarfaraz
    Your reply is extremely helpful and informative. I have voted you. But this question is about running that on the remote pc. Regards, Sarfaraz Ahmed MS Excel help
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  • Robert Stewart
    I assume you have access to the remote pc's, how do you connect to them, remote desktop, pcanywhere, etc etc. You can always remote into and then search the local hard drive for *.doc, *.xls, etc, etc, for all office file types by using Windows search companion, assuming this is a Microsoft machine. I don't know of any tool that will search multiple hard drives across a network, but I've never searched for one either. I hope this helps you out, but first we really need to know how you plan to connect to each remote laptop.
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  • Troy Tate
    The tools mentioned can be run against a remote PC by mapping a drive to the machines. You have to be able to mount those drives in some fashion to run tools like these against them. The other option is to use a login script and capture the information to a text file. That could be time consuming during login.
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  • Kevin Beaver
    Sounds like FileLocator Remote is a perfect solution for you. Otherwise, use a tool such as FileLocator Pro or Effective File Search...they're really fast and can be used over the network once you map a drive to the local machines' C$ share.
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