Is the iPhone ready to be an enterprise client yet?

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Has the iPhone Configuration Utility tipped the scales and made the iPhone a viable client for mobile enterprise? Or doesn't RIM have anything to worry about? (I'm thinking I'm ready to switch.)

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Given the fact the cell phone companies do not offer insurance on the iPhone, and with it’s pricey price tag; I would have to say that based on that fact alone the iPhone isn’t ready for the Enterprise. I’ve seen high level managers break phones monthly. With cell phone insurance that’s no big deal, they have no phone for a day or two while it’s repaired. With an iPhone there’s a few hundred dollar price tag every time the phone is broken. A company which 200 phones could be shelling out a couple of thousand dollars per month for replacement phones.

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  • BrentSheets
    I confess that I'm a "consumer" iPhone user and have been champing at the bit to get my hands on the next software update to 2.0 and the coming third-party apps. I just want to be able to fully sync to the corporate Exchange server (as right now, all I can do is download my mail from Exchange). Most people are going gah-gah over the new iPhone's supposed lower subsidized price. But all I see is that the monthly data plan is going to go up. This stinks as a non-business user who just wants to sync to Exchange. But concerning business adoption – I hadn't considered Denny's take on insurance. I hadn't seen any coverage of that angle. That's certain to get some business feathers ruffled.
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  • Jaideep Khanduja
    In my opinion, any new technology takes time to settle down, and its effectiveness is known gradually. Price factor also varies with demand and usage (volumes), but many corporates (especially top notch in the corporates) do not mind going for it by looking at the mobility and versatility it brings into the business and proving it a right decision. Any technology survives on a siple equation – if the cost is worth spending and if the benefits drawn are higher than the cost incurred.
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  • Jaideep Khanduja
    In my opinion, iPhone demand is going to rise in the coming future.
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  • Robert Stewart
    In my opinion no the iPhone is not an option for an enterprise client, what application suites are made for it?? Not many that I have heard of. The iPhone is Apple and unless your running a suite of Apple applications, I don't see this as a sturdy platform, not mentioning the problems they currently have. Not that there is a problem with Apple, just that they don't have a big market share. Market share drives everything. Microsoft is not great, it just has a greater share of the enterprise market.
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