Is someone using my Wi-Fi?

When I scan my security on my phone and check my Wi-Fi speed, it says that there is 3 devices using the bandwidth when there should only be mine. Does this mean that there is devices using my Wi-Fi and are on my Wi-Fi network so someone found my password. Help please.

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If you are using Symantec, I know which program you have as I have the
same one and it is pretty good at catching rogue systems. 

As to someone
finding out your router password, you need to change it and also,
depending on the brand that you have, at least on Linksys, there is a
tab in which you input the MAC addresses of the systems that are allowed
on your network.  When you input all of your systems, smartphones, tablets, laptops, ensure that you
click on the button that states “Allow Only These MAC Addresses”.  Now,
if someone is able to access the password to the network, which MUST be different than
the admin password, then you will know and it makes it harder for them
to use your network. 

Also, change the admin to another name and not the
family name.

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  • carlosdl
    Not sure how exactly you are checking, but it is possible that someone else is connecting to your wifi router.

    What kind of security have you set on the router?
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  • TheRealRaven
    What kind of phone? Who provides your Wi-Fi service? Without knowing those, we have no good idea what you're checking nor what you're seeing. Please provide some detail to guide us.
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  • Kevin Beaver
    If you're concerned about someone using your Wi-Fi, you might consider resetting the WPA2/WPA pre-shared key. Also, if your router supports Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS), it's entirely possible for someone nearby to crack your WPA key using the Reaver Pro tool like I wrote about here:
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  • Subhendu Sen
    How did you scan, this is a built-in mechanism/ using a 3rd party tool. If possible change password by the help of vendor (from where you got) and observe the same will happen again.
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  • Meghabhardwaj
    change the password.
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  • Subhendu Sen
    May be or may not be. Have you changed your password and checked the same way that you checked erstwhile and see the differences.
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  • eric79

    check your router admin page, it will show you all connected devices.

    your first step would be to change your wi-fi password. if this is not good for you, you can block individual devices from most home routers.

    Additionally on your phone, search in the app store or play store for "netscan" there are several apps that will scan your network for all attached devices.

    These apps will not let you take action, but at least you will have the information you need.

    If your router and/or a netscan app does not show any other devices attached (check several times thruout the day), then whatever is telling you there are 3 devices is mistaken.

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