Is outsourcing a thing of the past?

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With more and more companies retracting from their outsourcing strategy to bring core technical skills back in house what is the future model of outsourcing professional services?
Additionally, with the ease cloud computing and automation services is outsourcing a concept of the past?
I am working on my masters in technology and leadership, and want to draw insights for the community to build on my critical challenge project. As business/tech leaders what to you need and expect from the outsourcing of professional services in the Infrastructure and Data intelligence? Specifically on Cloud transformation.

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When using outsourcing you need to do your research..Case in point. We outsourced a web page design to a vendor. About 6 months later the project was completed, or so we though. When we got the code back we still had to make some changes because they did not use some of the methods we requested as they were a little more time consuming and they went for easier route. As for the cost ? We could have hired a full time mid level developer for a year cheaper.

Today just about any developer with an internet connection can be outsourced as a consultant to do coding.

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  • Subhendu Sen
    Is this your assignment? Assuming you are in a learning process. What did you want to achieve? Is there an industrial view? Are you doing some courses? Outsourcing is not past, reducing by the cause of current scenario.
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  • TheRealRaven
    I don't see that outsourcing in the foreseeable future will do much other than (1) continue to grow at all levels of customers and (2) gradually shift in the specific types of services offered by individual outsourcing vendors.

    But I also don't see this as appropriate here. Perhaps it's better suited for the Discussions area.
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  • Kevin Beaver
    I don't believe that outsourcing is going anywhere at all. I'm seeing it more and more in my work as an independent information security consultant. The thing is U.S. enterprises laid off 90,000 IT workers just last month:

    IT is a core function of practically every business today...if people are getting laid off, then the IT expertise is going to have to come from somewhere or the enterprise won't be viable long-term.

    If your concern is over marketability, then you have to focus on the value you bring to the marketplace. Between that and ensuring you're maintaining your career networking, that's really all there is to being successful in this field. The problem is that many (most?) people are willing to do the work necessary to make it all happen.
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  • dsb1393
    Please specify in details about your requirements.
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  • ToddN2000
    One reason outsourcing is popular is the benefit to some companies. It's usually short term for a project. That means they just hire someone to do the job and then the contract is over, The company saves on having to pay things like benefits to a normal full time employee. A company could hire an employee and then terminate them afterwards but if they did that consistently it may give that company a bad images as to the retention of employees. I think outsourcing will be around long after I retire..
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  • Subhendu Sen
    No, Outsourcing is not past, but of course demands of Outsourcing is reduced gradually. Still now Outsourcing drives about 40-60% of the entire services sourcing industry, depending on regions. Data-center operations and end-user support are perhaps the last frontiers for outsourcing, and indeed these have become commodity activities. Keeping servers and networks running, as long as it is done in a reliable and secure fashion, doesn’t offer many opportunities for competitive advantage. However Outsourcing is cost effective, but extensive duty may reduce its potentiality.
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