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Is it possible to become an expert in antivirus protection management and configuration (to be able to fine tune your centrally managed antivirus software in a mixed environment that includes different types of systems: Windows, UNIX, Linux), complex network topology with LAN, WAN links, various types of networking devices, IDSs, different types of routers and hardware firewalls, etc., inluding custom-made applications, and different types of security systems integrated into the same network, as well as an expert in Server systems configuration and magement, Active directory in general and Group Policies in particular, also helpdesk software and implementation expert, network analyst from ground zero after 2-year college with the knowledge of the systems and networks basics, and learn it all by yourself without any practical guidance? Because that is what my boss wants me to do, and after 6 months of trying to to do all this, I am ready to scream. I am completely drained and frustrated.

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Is it possible yes. Is it going to suck, very much yes.

Tell you boss you’ll be happy to learn all that, but you are going to need some classes if he wants to you learn all that in a short period of time. If not, have your boss prioritize these items so you know what to focus on.

That’s probably a couple of years worth of learning there (at the minimum if you are a fast learner).

Document everything that you have on your To-Do list. Give an idea of how long it would take to accomplish each item. Show the boss. Have a discussion about work vs personal life. See if you can work together and set realistic expectations. Tell him why you think it will take as long as you estimate to complete the items given the other items on the to-do list and your skill level. Many of us have been there at one point or another. It is difficult situation and we do empathize with you. Ask the boss how long did it take for them to get where they are today. They didn’t get to this level of technology overnight so why should they expect you to resolve the issues overnight (unless you have oversold your skills).

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