Is IBM AS/400 not growing anymore (at all)?

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Did IBM let the AS/400 die? Do you think that CIOs and IT managers that are in charge of an AS/400 system would modernize it? Or for those companies trying to acquire a new  IT system, would they consider implementing a brand new AS/400 for their new system?

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  • TheRealRaven
    Why ask here? This forum isn't for questions such as that since it's not about a technical problem that we can help solve. The question is better suited for the discussions area.
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  • Splat
    You do realise IBM doesn't make the AS/400 anymore, right?  

    It makes the IBM i which runs on the Power platform.  

    As IBM is currently producing Power 8 systems & has the next two generations in process it's apparent IBM didn't 'let it die.'

    As for whether any particular CIO or IT manager would modernise their infrastructure is beyond any sane person to predict.  

    If you're curious to see what can be done to update & modernise your infrastructure this may be of some help.
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  • michalwenn
    I apologize beforehand as I am just a newcomer here. Yes, I realize that it is the IBM i the actual name, but many people still call it AS400, so I thought it would be the same here.

    It is not the technology development my concern, as you are saying there are new releases comming.

    The environment seems to be running out of skilled people to manage the IBM i, you would only find overaged (no offense) professionals that are skilled at the IBM i (programmers, operators, BPM's, etc..), what is going to happen later? and IBM apparently does not care to have trainning programms for newcomers.I have looked for courses here and you cannot find anything. Another example is IBM stopping VisualAge a native web development tool for green screens modernization. 

    My background is here in Mexico, I am working as a sales trainee in an ISV company on an IBM customer basis. In my short period here I have seen a two customers loss because they migrated to Oracle. That is my concern, it is about market clarity.

    Thank you Splat for your response and I will be reading this document you are sharing with me. We are already working with some modernization tools that covers from the DB to the green screens.
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  • ToddN2000
    Old habits die hard. Many who have come up through the ranks since the s/36 ans s/38 days may refer to it as an AS/400. Regardless of what you want to call it, I still see a lot of them used today. They may be the backbone for other platforms because of their security and processing power.
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  • Splat
    michalwenn, my comments weren't intended as a rebuke (though I can see how they might be taken so for which I apologize).

    I agree that there are more greybeards than not in the ranks of IBM i professionals. Some of that has to do with reduced levels of training available, some to do with companies insistent on 'doing it right now' rather than 'doing it right' (they seem to think it's cheaper to bring in experienced people for the moment - which it is, for the moment).

    IBM obviously considers the platform a worthwhile investment - they wouldn't be continuing with development if they didn't - but that doesn't mean they won't trim elements they find less so. I would suspect something like that in the decision to discontinue VisualAge.
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