Is as/400 is good for my career?

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I'm MCA(master of computer applications) student...Recently I got placed in Cognizant Technology Solutions(CTS)..They put me training in AS/400 technology..I would like to know AS/400 is suitable technology for my career?..

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I do agree with Sixball.
This is a very common question.
If you search the archives you will find a variety of answers.

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  • Sixball
    Any education and skill y ou can develop certainly cant HURT your career. If the company you work for is asking for training on the AS400, then I'd have to say it would most likely be in your best interest to learn it - not just for the job, but for yourself as well..
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  • Mariodlg
    As400 is one of the most secure and powerfull platform for the enterprise systems. In my country (I don't know if same in other countries) is hard to find young people interested or experimented in as400. Like Sixball says, learn as400 by your own decision and you will find great opportunities.
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  • Hlx
    Like many other specialities, if you can stay employed, you can do quite well for yourself. IMHO, AS400 is a technology past its prime and on the decline. That doesn't mean it will disappear, just that available jobs year over year will be less. Assuming that your AS400 training comes at the expense of more mainstream technology, I personally couldn't recommend such a specialized technology to a student, simply because it may limit your options on graduation. Stick with technology that has the most opportunity and specialize later on something you really enjoy.
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  • Yorkshireman
    INteresting comment about IBM i being past its prime.. No other machine I know of can run so many environments - A few windows servers, a couple of Linux partitions, serve up some Web stuff drawn from a variety of internal repositories - oh yes, and run DB2 for databases of multiple terabytes, dispersed across continents, with a side dish of SQL server and MYSQL for the less important stuff. If you want some serious business experience, move around some IBM i sites.
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  • DoneThat
    I'll add the original reason I stuck with the AS400 (and WAY before that)... From a career point of view, would you rather be an expert in a field with a few million competitors (C#, PHP,, etc.) or an expert in a field where there are relatively few...(AS400 and everything that surrounds it (RPG, CL, SQL, etc.) In one case, you can always find a job. In the other case, prove yourself and you have the opportunity to set yourself apart, stand out and show your unique value to a company. Worked for me!
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  • Splat
    With apologies to Mark Twain, the reports of the death of the iSeries are greatly exaggerated.
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  • DoneThat
    Splat: I heartily agree!
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  • eductn
    No doubt it is very good platform for secure future in IT field.  
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