Is a job in networking or storage better for one year’s worth of work experience?

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I have been particularly interested in networking and as a result got CCNA certified. But due to business requirement constraints, my company's human resource placed me into the Backup Operations team where I work on Veritas Netbackup for Windows. I have been given an opportunity to move to the networking team next month if I wish. But now I am wondering, which among the both fields, networking and storage, would be a better choice in terms of time and money, as I have plans of moving to Australia next year? Thanks and waiting eagerly for your response.

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From My point of view. i’v been in the IT for near 20 years I would say that verry good networked admin and verry good storage admin have the same chance to find a job at a similar rate. Thos are sp├ęcialities that companie look for and are welling to pay for the good ones.

If you have a CCNA go get somme certification in the storage industries also. That will give you a very ggood resume.

so i’m not you but if I were i’d evaluate these like that.

how many years or month of experience do you have in bothe field. If it is less then two I would keep my actual job in the storage industries and get somme certification so when i’d arrive in australia My experience would pay me back.

but if you have let say 2 year in storage an non in networked I would go to th enetworked team an work their. this will incresse the fild you can work in australia.

have said that The best solution is what thell you your feelings. the peace that goes with a dicision is alway the best feeling and the one that speake the most for me.

good luck

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  • Ed Tittel
    Dear Sir or Madam: I would echo the previous posting to observe that what you like to do ultimately matters a great deal more than which option offers the best pay, the most job opportunities, and so forth. That said, your request for information is both good and genuine, so I'll also observe that: (a) storage experts tend to out-earn network administration experts (b) right now, storage certifications and expertise is in shorter supply, and therefore also higher demand But these dynamics can change much more quickly than humans can grow or adapt their knowledge bases and skill sets, which is why doing what interests you most actually ends up being a not-too-unreasonable career planning move. Please also recognize that the real value of skills and knowledge come in the mid- to later terms of an IT career, so that entry-level people in both areas (network admin and storage) are relatively cheap and easy to find. HTH, and thanks for posting, --Ed--
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  • Kevin Beaver
    You definitely need to focus on work you're interested in. It may be too early in your IT career to know exactly what to focus on. Storage is very niche while networking can be really broad. The more experience you get in all areas of computers and technology will not only make you more well-rounded but it will also help you figure out what you really like to do. Best of luck!
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