Is a DB on AS400 always DB2 ?

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AS/400 database
Please, I want to know if possible : when we speak about a data base on AS400, exactly a data base used by RPG, is it allways a DB2 database ? Is AS400 a database. Is it the same as DB2/400 ? I hope to be clear enough. Sincerely

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Typical of IBM the database on the i-series, AS/400 … has had a lot of names but
IBM has only offered one database running on this platform.
It’s been DB2 – DB2/400 – UDB/400 (universal database). Every AS/400 comes with this database.
The only differences are based on the OS version. When you write an F-spec in RPG/RPGLE that’s the
database you’re using.


Right DanD the IFS part of the 400 thingy runs PC op systems – UNIX or Windows or the like and there you
can run any (most, some) PC – Server database. MySQL comes up alot. But part of the question was RPG and unless you’re jumping through hoops RPG is using DB2/400.

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  • Gilly400
    Hi, The database on the AS/400 is always a DB/2 database. The database has been used on the machine since the machine was first released, but at that time wasn't known as DB/2. The AS/400 is the machine itself, it has gone through some name changes over the years - AS/400, e-server, i-series and more recently power systems. The operating system was originally called OS/400, but is now known as i5/OS. The database is integrated into the operating system. Regards, Martin Gilbert.
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  • Poussines
    Think you very much for this accurate answer ! I'm very happy. See you. Jean-Max
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  • DanD
    Now to really confuse things, Martin's answer only applies if you are using i5/OS and not PASE. In the IFS/PASE environment, I have an iSeries that is running a database named Derby and used by a third party software vendor as a db for Java applications. Also note that DB2/400 may claim to be DB2U but until very recently it couldn't talk direct DRDA socket connections to a DB2U instance on any other platform. The new DB2 Connect product has finally rectified that and IBM can almost maybe sorta claim DB2/400 is DB2 Universal.
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  • Maxxx13
    Hi, Another thought to confuse or clarify things. Although it's always "DB2" (DB2/400 or DB2 UDB or DB2 fori or whatever the heck...) there are actually a couple different optimizers in it (one for DDS tables and one for tables created using SQL). And how the optimizers handle your data objects depends on your version of OS400. I'd recommend searching the web on i5 DB2 DDS SQL and you'll find a series of articles ragarding these issues and recommendations about approaches to use. IBM's modernization strategy leans heavily in the direction of tables defined in SQL This presents challenges if you have a commitment to legacy RPG applications. Oh well. Good luck! Mike
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  • Maxxx13
    Sorry, I messed up the link to the IBM Modernization Redbook. Try again!
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  • Yorkshireman
    I think the answer you want is 'Yes' - if you speak of RPG and database then you are talking about DB2. If you merely say 'Database' - then iSeries can now host just about 'any' database productIn the same way, it can run 'almost' any x86 based program, and run Windoze more reliably than Windoze.... It's best to consider it as a container
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  • Splat
    QSYS.LIB or not QSYS.LIB, that is the question.
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