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Has anyone here migrated to IPv6? It it as simple as it sounds? http://www.searchnetworking.com/searchNetworking/downloads/IPV6.mp3

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Migrating to IPv6 sounds like Charles Dickens: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” (A Tale of Two Cities). NOTHING about IT is as simple as it sounds….

IPv6, aside from the hoopla over IPv4 running out of addresses (beleive it or not), has real benefits. Mobility, security, quality of service, intelligence. . . . If you want to know how the move is going, pay attention to the US DoD, which is probably the largest organization in the US to commit to IPv6. Elsewhere in US, mostly ignored. But it seems to be real popular everywhere but the US.

And that is the biggest point – why IPv6. Do you have partners going to IPv6 that necessitates you migrating? What about your applications? If you develop applications, then you could get significant benefit. What about your hosts? internal and external networks? These are the challenges, which are not necessarily insurmountable. And there is a lot of payoff as I said above.

Searchnetworking has a good bit of information on IPv6. Also, go to the ususal suspects:
Cisco (as well as many other network vendors)
[If you aren’t familiar with US DoD, search for Stenbit (former DoD CIO who started IPv6 migration) or www.defenselink.mil)]

There is a lot of information and guidances here. The big thing to watch for is interoperability and functionality of your applications, workstations, servers, and networks.

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  • Larrythethird
    As a network admin, I have looked at IPv6. Many, many, many issues to tackle BEFORE proceeding. All clients have to support it. If you have a mixed environment, I have Windows, Solaris, Linux, MAC OS, you will have to upgrade all of them. Although the major switch/router vendors support some type of intermediate steps, a mixed network is another nightmare. Also, as stated in the previous response, the US Internet backbone is all still IPv4. That means your network hase to translate your addresses before they go outside of your network. Conclusion: too much work, too little benifit at this time.
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  • ItDefPat1
    Larry's conclusion is correct. Unless you have a mandate - such as if you contract to US DoD. Or unless you have specific application (performance, functionality) or network (functionality, security) requirements. Either way, lots of work.
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