IPL an AS/400 system weekly

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May I know it is a good idea to IPL the AS/400 system weekly?

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I was always told it should be done at least once a month.
I never used to do it but once every 6 months or so.
Then I stumbled into scheduling an IPL, so now I do it every Sunday at 4am.
If no one accesses the system at that hour ….. What can it hurt?

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  • Gilly400
    Hi, During an IPL the machine does a lot of "cleanin up" that doesn't happen during day to day operation. This helps keep your machine optimized and can reclaim storage that has been temporarily used by the system. Look at it like a defrag on a PC. Every now and then it helps. Like Mrnaturi said, if you've got time in the weekend when the system's not being used, then why not? You should make sure that your startup program starts everything you need after an IPL - otherwise you'll need to start things manually on a monday morning. Regards, Martin Gilbert.
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  • smanjatee
    at least one time  per month
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  • ToddN2000
    If you find your system performance starts to suffer then you may want to runt it once a week. Once a month would be a smart thing to do as it does a lot of system clean up.
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  • GregManzo
    How often are you doing a backup? (SAVSYS etc.) If you have already got users off the machine to do your backup, then that's a good time to IPL.
    We found that adding 10-15 minutes for an IPL onto the end of a full backup (2-3 hrs) was not an inconvenience.
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  • azohawk
    We IPL every Sunday. We gain 3 to 6% of disk space. That gives you an indication of how much cleanup happens during an IPL. Our IPL takes about 35 minutes each week.

    Another advantage of more frequent (vs bi-annual or longer in-between IPLs) it gives you more opportunities to apply PTFs that cannot be applied live.

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  • pdraebel
    When operations allow it schedule regular IPL's. It does some cleanup jobs and allows for PTF's to be applied.
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  • aceofdelts
    I had been an advocate of annual IPL on the 400. Now that the process goes so much faster, weekly makes sense.
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