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If a smart phone (eg iphone, blackberry) user connects to his IM account from his smart phone to send messages, where does the phone get issued its IP address from? Would travelling between cell sites have any impact on the IP address - eg would it be issued a new one as it moves to another cell site area?

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Yes it’s IP address will change as you move between geographical locations. Depending on your location your phone will connect to different servers and all those servers will use different IP addresses.

Think of it like this; in a normal LAN, you connect through a router at, so your default gateway for computers on your network is
The routers default gateway is, which is a server owned by your ISP, and your ISP assigns you an external IP address like
Your router also assigns internal IP addresses to computers on your network.
All your internal computers connect to the router and the router forwards the traffic out onto the WWW through and the IP address that users on the WWW see for any traffic that comes from any computer on your network will be

Now, you could go anywhere in the country and use the same gateway address assigned to you by your ISP and it will work, it might be slower because the gateway will be further away from you, but you will be able to connect to it.

Now with a mobile, you can’t simply use an IP as a gateway, because you might not always be in range of one specific gateway.
So mobile networks use APN (Access Point Names). APN works like DNS and assigns a host name to an IP. So what happens is that all your mobile’s gateways, which all have different IP addresses across the country, use the same APN.

So depending on where you are you could be connecting to any one of many servers and that server could be using any external IP address and could assign your phone any internal IP address.

If you want to keep the same IP address on a phone maybe look at Dynamic DNS which is what people with dynamic external IP addresses use to give themselves a static address. I know DDNS is available on Android phones so I’m sure the iPhone and/or Blackberry can use it as well.

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  • Crich
    Many thanks for your answer. It is very clearly explained and has helped us a great deal. Thanks again.
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  • Ratok
    I was wondering f if a phone that was bought in Calgary would have the same IP address if it was used in Montreal?? It is a Telus service so would the IP be out of Montreal or Calgary if it was used in Montreal or would the IP address be that located in Calgary seeing as the phone is from there.
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