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I have a remote site connected by VPN to our main site. we are providing ALL telephony related applications over this link as a temporary solution. I have great need to get some modem lines in at the VPN site for regulatory compliance. the location of the site is such that noone can provide POTS lines. for several weeks. anyone have a good solution for modems over IP?

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Maybe. You didn’t specify whether the incoming lines must BE at the remote site, or whether you simply need to provide serial port access to some device(s) through a dialup connection.

If the latter situation will meet the need, then I’d suggest doing “reverse” telnet through a router with serial ports (like the “octopus” cables with some cisco routers), or a terminal or communications server.

That way the serial connection is “tunneled” through an otherwise IP network.

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  • Scully43
    Hi There, Further to bokbergs question it is not entirely clear as to the context of where the modems are located and to which equipment you wish to connect to ." The L2TP protocol runs on most mutipurpose routers and enables a mobility solution for tunneling PPP over IP and as you have VPN should be there already . Using L2TP tunneling, an Internet Service Provider (ISP), or other access service, can create a virtual tunnel to link customer's remote sites or remote users with corporate home networks. The L2TP access concentrator (LAC) located at the ISP's point of presence (POP) exchanges PPP messages with remote users and communicates by way of L2TP requests and responses with the customer's L2TP network server (LNS) to set up tunnels. L2TP supports multiple protocols and unregistered and privately administered IP addresses over the Internet. This allows the existing access infastructure, such as the Internet, modems, access servers, and ISDN terminal adapters (TAs), to be used Again this would depend on the context of what you are trying to achieve and the existing technical framework . Check out : http://www.cisco.com/univercd/cc/td/doc/product/software/ios120/120newft/120t/120t1/l2tpt.htm#wp5940
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  • Paul144hart
    Any chance you just need to dial into the remote site? If so, put something like a cisco 2621 with the modem in the other side of the VPN.
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  • Bouncybrit
    thanks for your help everyone. I ended up doing modem sharing from the Main Site to the VPN side and then allowing the remote side to dial out. it works relatively well. until I can get some POTS lines out there
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