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Calculating and understanding subnetting
IP address
ei...i need help bout ip addressing and subnetting... if i have 8 pc and i want it to network them...is there a recommended ip address for this?or can i just configure it with myself by just putting some numbers on it...is there any calculations do i have to make before setting this on?

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What you need to do is pick a internal IP range and stick to it. ( ( (

Read more about the subject here.

Then you will need think about DNS / HOST etc.

Take a look here before you get started:

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  • BlankReg
    To get you started use the addresses 192.168.10.x where x is a number between 10 and 17, a different number for each PC. Use the subnet mask for all of them. Use the address for the default gateway, which is the IP address you need to give to the Internet router (if you have one), and use the same subnet mask. Then all of these PCs, when connected to the same switch netowrk, will be able to 'talk' to each other. That should get you going with a working solution. Have a read of the links that Gabe9527 posted, as they will give you some insight into the background of why you are doing this.
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  • Kevin Beaver
    I like BlankReg's recommendations. You could also use 10.1.1.x with a mask of (I like it because it's easier to type). TCP/IP For Dummies has lots of great info on this subject.
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  • Shamoh
    Hi Yoyie, I hope you are the laymen for networking. So for your understanding consider Gabe9527 response as follows. There are four parts in IP range and subnet mask as given below. IP Range Subnet Mask 10. 0. 0. 0 255. 0. 0. 0 172. 16. 0. 0 255. 240. 0. 0 192. 168. 0. 0 255. 255. 0. 0 Part A Part B Part C Part D Part A Part B Part C Part D So if you want to make all your 8pcs in a singla network then the Part A,B and C of IP range and Subnet mask should be the same for all the 8pc's and the part D should not be the same, it should be the different number with each other.
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  • R vishaal
    hi for 8 pcs u better pickup class C IP address which is the to with default subnet mask , you can choose values between 1 to 254 for ur pcs without any repetitions of any numbers in the last 3 octecs...
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  • Rajaaaaa
    tish is good
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