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Howdy folks I've got 6 windows pc's at the office and i'm trying to create a peer to peer network, And i want to assign ip addresses statically because if they are obtained automatically ip address conflict occur.My problem is if i assign them statically i cannot go to the internet but when it's automatic i can.please help...

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windows vista,xp and 7

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The “automatic IP addressing” – known as DHCP – is most likely offering your devices the settings it needs to correctly get online, such as:
– Unique IP (Network) address
– Subnet Mask
– Default Gateway
– Primary/Secondary DNS servers

When ALL of your devices are set to DHCP, then typically you DONT get IP conflicts, as the DHCP service checks for IP’s already in use.
If you are getting conflicts, you may want to check your DHCP scope and/or default IP’s on your devices (Routers/Switches/Access Points tend to have “default IP addresses” that may be overlapping your DHCP range)

Should you prefer to keep using the Static IP solution, ensure the folowing:
– your router can get online, then use the router interface on the “inside” of your network as the “default gateway” of your hosts
– also ensure hosts/gateway are on the same subnet
– configure DNS services to point to either your gateway (they tend to get DNS info from your ISP) or to a well-known DNS service (some public free DNS are /
– double-check to make sure your devices aren’t given over-lapping IP addresses

Let us know how things go…

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  • jinteik
    well if you want to put static, you need to put in the exclusion list of IP and also your mac address so that people will not use your IP. as for DHCP, like sixball say, what is your scope? how many IP's are you opening?
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  • Xxx
    Thanks Guys, I configured my DNS server to use the same address as my default gateway and it's perfectly working. Thanks once again.
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  • Sixball
    Glad we could at least point you in the right direction.. :)
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