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We have to change the IP addresses in our company. Therefore we have to change the IP addresses of our Domino server and our firewall. Where have I to look for the SMTP connection to the firewall on the Domino side? There is a foreign SMTP domain document which routes to a domain calle TheInternet. Where do I find information about that domain?

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On your Domino Server you will have a Foreign Smtp Domain, Foreign Domain and a Global Domain. These are all used to set up the internet Connection. Normally there are no Ip addresses in these documents just Web Addresses.
If your External mail is working now all that will need changing when you change your ip addesses will be the IP Address on your Domino Server and the Default Gateway. This should then work.
The other issue are your users who will need there connection Documents to the server checking as this normally contains the ip address unless you are running wins and they contain the Server name.

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  • Michielh
    Typically your domino server routes all outgoing internet mail itself. That is it contacts the receiving server and deals with the communication all by itself. All the firewall does is to pass through the communication to the receiving mail server. Typically the firewall allows outgoing smtp (port 25) mail from any incoming internal source to any outgoing external receiver. However you might want to check this. A tip: to make your network less sensitive to attacks of modern viruses with build-in smtp mail engine you may want to consider set up the firewall such that only the Domino server is allowed to send out smtp mail. In this case when such a virus has entered your company (eg via USB.memory stick) it cannot multiply itself outside your LAN. I recommend you to set up the full domino name (server1/company) and shortname (server1)as aliases for the new ipnumber in your internal DNS. This will make it easier for your clients to find the server again. Notes Client do have a "hidden cache" for the ipnumber on which the server was last found. (This is is a hidden field in the location document). Easiest way to "reset" this cache is to do the following trick after you changed ipnumber: 1. Choose fileOpen database.. (or CTRL+O) 2. in the server name field (where it says "local") write the new ipnumber and hit ENTER 3. You will see in the status bar that the client finds the new server and updates it cache. As a result a list of databases on the server is shown. You can now click the cancel button. A great help in troubleshooting clients that cannot find the server is the Trace function (FilePreferencesUser PreferencesPorts, trace button. Here you identify what ipnumber the client beliefs the server is on and what connection documents are used when trying to find the server. In my expierence it saves work to avoid connection documents when possible (typically desktop clients) and go through a DNS instead. For laptops use of connection documents might be needed, but also here I prefer usign DNS names instead of fixed ipnumbers. In case you do have connection documents in use at this moment you might consider modifying them with a bit of script before the ipnumber change. If you have them pointing at the DNS name of the server and you change the DNS the client should be able to find the new address without the need of the trick above. Concerning incoming email: check your firewall config for the NAT (network address translation) on port 25 (smtp).
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  • Ina Mckoon
    Generally I do not post on blogs, but I would like to say that this post really forced me to do so! really nice post.
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