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I had provided ip add for two computers as follows on server ip - dns- xyz.local on workstation ip- dns-xyz.local I can ping the workstation from server but not from workstation. What is possibly wrong i am doing? Please Help.

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From the information you have posted, it is not certain what is causing the problem.

I presume that the subnet masks are the same ? Are these ?

You have checked the cables ?

Are there any other devices on the network ? Are you certain that these IP addresses are not in use on other devices on the same network ?

Have you also configured the default gateway to be the IP address of your router ? Even if you don’t have a router, you need to configure the gateway, as a lot of IP stacks do not work correctly.

You may also have firewall software that prevents the PING. Try disabling it and see if it now works.

When you say “I can ping the workstation from server but not from workstation.”, do you mean you can PING the workstation from the server, but not the server from the workstation ? Or can you not PING the workstation from itself ?

Please post some more information, and I will try to help you further.

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  • carlosdl
    Check firewall settings. It could be blocking ping requests. Also, are you pinging using the name, or the ip-address ?
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  • Renulaks
    I had cat 5 standard in between outlets and cross over cat5 to machines with a hub. Can I configure the hub ? And if so how? The firewall is not disabled but had exception for file/printer sharing. I will try disabling way. I ping the server ip from client with no response The subnet are same on both machines
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  • Troy Tate
    Try a tracert to the server from the client. If the firewall is enabled it could be blocking PINGs (ICMP). You could also put Microsoft Network Monitor on the server (if Windows) or Wireshark to capture traffic to see if the traffic is actually being processed by the server. If the subnets are the same on both devices a default gateway is not necessary but it should be checked to see if there is something different on one of the machines. It could be a matter of diverse traffic paths causing the server to client pings to "get lost".
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  • BlankReg
    Just to add to Troy's comment. Although you don't use it, the dafault gateway should be set. Some protocols do not work unless it is set, a lot of TFTP implementations require this. Don't ask me why, but they do. There are others as well, so if you set it then there is one less thing to worry about.
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  • Renulaks
    I am able to get ping response from both machines after disabling firewall on client. all seems to be going on ok, including file/printer sharing. to confirm The server ipconfig/all windows ip config - not enabled wins config- not enabled ethernet local area config ip add- subnet- default gateway- dns- the client windows ip config- not known wins config- not enabled ethernet local area config- ip add- subnet default gateway- dns- i had not set up domain but only workgroup. i created client user under server comp management users/groups Is that ok? I also wanted to connect internet through server on to other clients. How much complicated it is do do? Thanks for your help guys. Renu
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