Invoking a Web page from AS/400

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IBM iSeries
There is a requirement wherein data which is on a AS/400 screen should be passed to a web page when a function key is pressed. On pressing of the particular function key, data which is on the AS/400 screen must be passed to and displayed on the web page. I need ideas about how this can be implemented.

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Can you expand on the scenario you are envisioning? For instance does one device have both the AS/400 screen up and a browser session? Is the browser session on a different device? Is the browser session up and running or does it need to be started? Data from an AS/400 application can certainly be passed to a web page using many different techniques. The appropriate technique for you is not clear as I’m not clear on what environment you are running in.

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  • Rajna24
    Yes, One device has both the AS/400 screen and the browser session. The browser session needs to be started when the function key gets pressed.The requirement is such that the data which is on the AS/400 screen ( not in any tables) need to be passed to the Web page and displayed. The application which is to be used to run this is JDE World 7.3 .
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  • TomLiotta
    Like every system should, the one that has the browser will resist some foreign system trying to send commands to it. If your PC simply accepted and executed any command that came in from the network, you'd have it thrown out in short order. That means that you need to configure your PC to allow only safe remote commands. They'll need to arrive with some kind of authentication and they'll execute only under appropriate authorization if done right. Two general approaches are open to you. First, as long as a compatible terminal session is active, you can execute STRPCCMD to cause commands to be executed under the user who runs the terminal. Second, you can install a rexec service to accept commands. This can be installed as an option of iSeries Access or you can download and install one from the internet. It's activated with the RUNRMTCMD command. It doesn't require any active terminal session but should be installed to require a profile/password to be sent. STRPCCMD has stricter limits. It can only send a command string of 132 characters. When URLs must be passed, that limit is often reached. Further, you'll want to learn and understand the Windows command structures or how to invoke Windows shell actions. (Or maybe Linux or Mac, depending on what kind of PC is in use.) In general, if you can cause your desired function to execute by typing into a Windows command line, then you'll know enough to make your action work. It obviously requires text-based commands. Tom
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