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Im supposed to do inventory for a store room at work using excel. Oraganizing and labeling all the items in there so that my boss can be able to find what he wants easily by simply for example if he wants a clock he looks for clock and he sees its at b1 and he looks for b1 and that specific item will be there well it sounds simple enough but i want some specifc suggestions and guidelines to help me to do that effectively as possible.

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Sounds like a simple two column list. Item and Location.

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  • Chippy088
    Sadly 2 columns won't do it. The way I see it, you are on the top of a slippery slope. When you have this item/location sheet, you'l want to make sure the item is there. Or the boss has walked all the way down the aisle for an empty location. The boss won't like that.... or anyone else for that matter. So, a sheet for the location and item won't do. I'd use Access if you have to go that route. It's less of memory hog, and MS already has an inventory in the examples. Goos luck
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  • SbElectric
    Yes, I agree with Chippy088 comment and suggestion. Access database system will be ideal for small shop just staring in this arena. As people get used to this simple system – they will be “demanding” Quantity in the bin, Quantity on order, Price, supplier/vendor name, etc. There is a host information that you will be bombarded with in future. At the same time, I am assuming, you are new in this field and that may be you do not have experience with Access. Excel is relatively simple. You may start with 6 or 8 columns. As an example: Item Name, Part Number, Location, Quantity, Supplier, Comments/Remarks. Choose proper column headings as appropriate in your situation. You should be able to sort the data (by Item Name or Part number as needed). For keeping quantity information meaningful – you will need to add/subtract based on transactions. Quantity update may be done once a week or once a day depending on urgency. Just some suggestions. Please feel free post again or you can e-mail me if you have further questions. Good luck.
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  • Emozae
    Thanks much Chippy etc. Because i was thinking along the same lines. I mean yes i could go the really easy lazy way by using excel but then i will have to keep updating and fixing around things if something isn't there as chippy said i would have to account for any empty space as well. I though access would be much better. Much thanks to SbElectric for your detailed example as to how to do it. I'm really glad i joined this site. If i have any more questions or problems i won't hesitate to ask you guys.
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