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I have an interview on SCADA systems. Could anyone help with what kind of questions should i be expecting, they need someone with knowledge in everything right from communications,controls and database. (HArdware + Software).I dont have much experience on my resume but still they considered me for an interview so i am hoping they are not expecting much experience.From the requirements on the position I can see i have worked during my college years on most of the softwares and hardware. Any input would be greatly appreciated.??????THanks

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It is really very hard to give advice on what type of questions one should prepare for during an interview process. Every company is going to differ from the next in their hiring practices, and every interviewer will differ in the type and degree of difficulty they place on interview questions. I have seen interview processes range from formal written apptitude tests for potential candidates, panel interviews with many people grilling you on various topics to something as simple as a meeting with the HR person.

My best advice is relax, look your interviewer in the eye, speak clearly and answer any question presented, personal or technical, to the best of your ability. Be honest and straight forward about your skill set during the process. You certainly don’t want to sound like a fool should you get flustered and start confusing things you’ve read from a book the night before, nor do you want to over state your skill set and get in way over your head should you land a job on false pretensis.

That being put on your best suit, take a deep breath and…

Good luck!

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  • Stevesz
    I've interviewed or helped interview a good number of candidates for positions as a tech in my company over the years. I can tell you that, as Melanie states, each interview was different. You can probably expect questions on your previous employment and other items on your resume. We usually present the prospective tech with technical questions from real life to check on troubleshooting skills and what he knows. We do not expect the candidate to know everything, but we do expect them to know what they do not know, and how they would go about quickly filling that gap in their knowledge without wasting time. The technical questions, at least mine, come from real life and something I may have had to handle within the last week or two. In the time between now and your interview, I'd go over the resume I submitted, and come up with some good things to say about former employers and the projects I was involved it with them. Also determine answers for why you left that company to go to another employer. If it was a personality conflict with another employee or superior, come up with another explanation that is based on a fact of truth. Else that will be held against you during the hiring process, and you may not make the cut. I learned that one the hard way, and as soon as I started stating a secondary reason, I was hired and had other offers. Also go over in your mind about the systems and software you have experience with, how you troubleshoot problems, etc. On the day of the interview, don't even really think about it. You do not want to get yourself into a certain mindset, then having difficulty getting out of it at the interview. Clean yourself up and dress similar to what you know about the company's culture. If you have not found out about the culture, dress nicely, meaning guys should be waring a dress shirt, dress pants, and a tie with polished dress shoes. Jacket would be nice, but not necessary. The ladies should where a business suit or similar. You wish to project a professional look that says "I know this is a business, and I do want to help your bottom line."
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  • Sunsetrider
    One component companies look at when hiring is experience (hardware, software, etc.). You can answer their questions honestly. Another component they are looking for is 'how well will this person fit into our environment?'. This is where they ask you questions such as what do you think your best achievement was? or what would you do over again if you could, or tell me about your most awkard/successful project., etc. They are trying to find out about YOU. Who is the world's best expert about YOU? Of course - yourself. Don't be nervous or afraid - you are the best expert. Take a deep breath, look them in the eye, and answer to the best of your abililty. Be proud of yourself and what you have done. This will show in your answers, posture and voice. Good Luck
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