internet usage today

1.which application are today running over the internet? 2.which archetypes are used today in the internet? 3.which types of service are frequently requested in the internet? 4.what are the limiting factors of internet growth? 5.what the opinion of Tim Barners about the grouwing of the internet? 6.which the influence of Moore's Law predictions?

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  • Ghigbee
    1.applying directly to the affected area. 2.hooker with a heart of gold, mysterious stranger 4.availability of Viagra needs weed killer 6.peanut butter always stays on the spoon P.S. Do your own homework and proofread your messages before submitting
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  • Bobkberg
    At the risk of spoiling ghigbee's fun.... If your question is serious (and not asking us to do your school work for you), you will need to do a better job of asking the questions. It's not just a matter of proofreading (which your work needs), but a matter of thinking through the questions to make sure that the questions will elicit answers that are useful. The questions you have written are unclear and scattered. If you are in school, you should talk to your professors (or other instructors) to clarify what you are looking for. If you are asking these questions from personal curiousity, then it seems clear to me that you don't really understand what you're asking for, because your questions range from potentially useful to irrelevant. If you are asking these questions for professional reasons (which I doubt), then you are wasting your time and ours. It is not my intention to treat you badly by saying these things. I am trying to direct your attention to making sure that you understand: 1) What you hope to learn 2) How the questions should be phrased 3) Are you using the correct words? - or the wrong words because you did not check carefully 4) How to keep the questions limited in scope. If you ask questions that are wide ranging, you will get fewer answers, and still fewer qualified answers. If you really want to know more, send me a private message, and I'll respond - probably with more detail than you ever wanted. Bob
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  • Skepticals
    Bob, Nice response; his questions do seem like a homework assignment... now I am interested in your response too. Haha.
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