Receive full broadband speed only in safe mode (Netgear router)

Broadband wireless networks
Microsoft Windows XP
Netgear router
Wireless connection
I have 50Mb broadband which i rarely ever achieve.  EXCEPT when i connect via ethernet to the modem and boot up my laptop in windows safe mode with networking.  THEN i get speeds of soon as i go back to normal mode my speeds come crashing down.

Not aware of any applications that would slow my speed down that much.  Can you advise??

Software/Hardware used:
xp on x360 laptop. Netgear N router

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Where do you measure those 50 Mb? On the ISP side, on the router, or on your PC?

If on the PC, you might have “acquired” some virus/trojan/etc., or if you have a resent version of some torrent clients, you might got “drowned” in their UDP (or even tunneled-ipv6) traffic.

BTW, if it’s torrent client problem (easy to diagnose – just kill clients in normal mode), using smartly the firewall on the router you can circumvent it: just block UTP (except port 53 for DNS) and ipv6 traffic. Torrents will fall-back to TCP connectivity, and TCP will not allow “drowning”, as I call it :o))

If you got a virus/trojan – scan and clean, but I’d better reinstall the OS…

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  • Chippy088
    If you are getting 49Mb broadband, then sign me up. I have a solid 4808kbps, which if you check the chart is about 4Mbps. I think you may be confused as to the true values of the bandwidth figures you have. Please be aware that speeds are measured in bps which is bits per second, and not bytes per second (8 times greater.) Broadband Typical Typical Speed Download Upload 512Kbps 460 Kbps 200-240 Kbps 1Meg (Mbps) 920 Kbps 200-240 Kbps 2Meg (Mbps) 1840 Kbps 200-240 Kbps 8Meg (Mbps) 7000 Kbps 400-750 Kbps 16Meg (Mbps) 15000 Kbps 750 Kbps - 1.5Mbps 24Meg (Mbps) 21000 Kbps 750 Kbps - 1.5Mbps Try searching the web for a broadband speed checker. you will get a good measure of how all the contributary factors (physical cable type of phone and ethernet, ISP bandwidth allocation, actual upload and download speed etc) actually stack up. A lot of people have been accepting the ISP offer of high bandwidth promises, without knowing the physical limitations. Our residential area has been hit by a lot of mobile phone companies employing students who promise 8Mbps broadband speeds, which are in excess of the physical capabilities of the local phone system cabling, which is a maximum of 2Mbps on some of the estate. I am closer to a distribution box which speeds up my access times a bit more than those further away.. Your bandwidth will also become reduced in peek times. The more users the slower the transfer rate. (Think traffic on a highway, more cars, less space, less speed.) I would not think that the mode you are in will affect the speed, it is always the amount of user(s) traffic that does. Routers hold data packets until there is space to send them. The more the router has to hold the less it will accept, so data transfer speeds will slow down. This is possibly what you are experiencing. Physical location is as important as the equipment you are using. No matter how fast the processor, or connection speed between your PC and your router gateway, you are subject to restrictions which are out of your control, if you are connected to an ancient telephone system.
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