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Internet Explorer is not opening the website, But Firefox does. Why? I have checked Internet connectivity is fine. There is no Proxy Setting enabled on Tools->Option and LAN Settings IE. I did reset IE default settings. To the extent, i did reset Winsock to see Internet work on IE. But still not working. Windows Firewall is switched off. I have Mcafee Installed, But Internet is allowed, and there is no restriction for IE. Any Inputs Please. I am facing this in one our Production server in Organisation and i am unable to get the Windows updates.

Software/Hardware used:
Windows 2003 Server

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Windows Server 2003 comes with Enhanced Security Configuration for Internet Explorer. It will not let you navigate to sites that are not defined as trusted. You can turn this off by going to add/remove programs. clicking on Components and removing the Enhanced Security Configuration component.

If this does not fix the issue, you should check for any add-ons to internet explorer. Also Highjack This is a good tool to check for viruses or malware.

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  • Venkatesh81
    I dont thik Enhanced Security of IE in Windows 2003 makes this problem. Because i have around 1000 Servers in my organisation and in remaining servers everything looks normal. I have this problem in one particular Server. Many of the Website recommends System Restore when Internet in IE does not work.. i can not go ahead on this as it is not an Personal Computer with XP Installed !!!!. The Restore will make me severe problems. But Hijack this is something new to me.. and i did not get hold of the results what Hijack Provides. My Server became more vulunerable now as Windows updates did not run more than 2 Months now. I have no WSUS in my organisation as my organisation has spread into branches and there worldwide. WSUS failed due to the network problems. So i need to excersise this Windows updates on all my servers on each and every month... Now this Internet problem in One Server alone annyoing me a lot. Any Help.. greatly appreciated.
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  • RickC
    Obviously check 'file > work offline' is not checked If you are trying to access windows updates then these are already trusted by default, what version of IE are you using? in the past I have just found it easier to upgrade to the latest version (v 8) or try and perform an update via control panel and automaic updates and enable 'download updates for me, but let me choose when to install them.'
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  • Venkatesh81
    Hi my Windows 2003 has IE 6 Installed. The "Work Offiline" is not selected. The "Automatic Updates" has already the option enabled as" Download them and notify me when they are ready to install". But it looks even this is not working.... It looks somewhere some communication is blocked for the IE so it is not communicating at all to the Outside internet world. Moreover, when i directly use "Windows Update" from Start->All Programs->Windows update, i noticed that IE is trying to communicate with Internet,and the status bar also says "Website found, waiting for reply", followed by the IP address of Microsoft Windows update website, makes me to think i is ready to connect with MS website. But on a fraction of second it takes me to "Page can not be displayed" page.
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  • mshen
    You can also try to uninstall internet explorer and re-install it. Upgrading it to IE 7 or 8 might also work.
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  • Trbgensmoke
    Clear cache and cookies...
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