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When running Internet Explorer on a website, after the website loads a box pops up with an error message "error Object" then the page reloads. What is causing this problem? I have already checked the correct boxes under advance setting in Internet Options. That did not help. This problem only occurs on certain websites.

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That occurs when you are surfing from a machine that has Visual Studio installed on it. It may occur when you have other development environments installed, if they are capable of debugging/developing the languages used to create the web pages you’re loading. The error I see most often is “unterminated string”. I’ve never found a solution for it, so I just live with it or surf from a non-development machine.

The bad news is it’s mildly annoying. The good news is it’s a good way to evaluate the competence of the website builders before you decide to do any business with them. Personally, I don’t trust my credit card info to any site where errors like that occur. If they don’t bother to fix simple things like that, they’re probably ALWAYS that sloppy in their coding, and I don’t trust their security measures. But, that’s just my opinion.

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  • pacdavis
    I'm getting error object, on my home page. I have gone into tools and click disable defrag and all of that. I've even told it not to show these messages but it keeps popping up and locking up my system. I'm using Ie7, this is an old computer.
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  • viejamom
    I have found object error on Internet Explorer only. It proceeds to lock up the computer and you cannot get out of IE by clicking on the x. Ctrl Alt Del is the only answer for closing it out. I would up switching to google chrome and all the errors went away. It is not a virus just don't know what is causing it for sure. Think it has something to do with Yahoo as everyone I talked uses yahoo email. You can click on the yahoo page and its ok but as soon as you go into yahoo mail, object error shows up and you are locked in.
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  • TomLiotta
    Don't use IE. There might not be a better answer. If I run IE 8 today on this fully patched Win XP laptop, I get an error when I try to select "Google" as an add-on search provider. It's also an older system, but supposedly still supported. I click on "Google" in the list of search providers, the 'Add to Internet Explorer' page shows up with "Google" shown as the selected add-on, and I get a 'Error on page' [Element not found] when I click the 'Add...' button. If MS can't get it to work in a patched/supported MS OS running the MS browser accessing a MS web site, what hope is there? -- Tom
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  • mmmm2
    i think it's an invisible add-on, as i had no add-ons listed. microsoft helpline did a reset on ie and problem solved. tools > internet options > advanced > reset. did not lose favorites!
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